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Thread: Brigador - isomechtric action

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    Brigador - isomechtric action

    The newly-updated version of Brigador (the "Up-Armored Edition") just launched on GOG, and looks snazzy.

    (OSX and Linux versions of the game are due shortly.)

    I gather it's a sort of action/stealth mech-themed twin-stick (or keyboard & mouse) action game, with a story/campaign of fixed missions as well as a randomised mission generator / skirmish mode.


    Gameplay looks hectic, the visuals are very pretty, and I was also hearing comments about the two-hour synth soundtrack by being pretty great as well, so I'm listening to that now. I can't deny it sounds like a really good match for the game. There's a Deluxe version of the game with the soundtrack included, although I'm not certain whether I want that (I feel the repetitive elements of the soundtrack would be completely fine while I'm focused on gameplay, but I think they're quite prominent when just listening, so I dunno... I basically never buy game soundtracks, though, so the fact that I'm even considering it says something).

    (Perhaps on account of not hearing too many soundtracks like it, I'm reminded of the Frozen Synapse music.)

    A couple of reviews:


    And one of the developers on the experience of making the game:

    Does anyone have this already? It looks good to me. Would you recommend it?
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    It's definitely on my wishlist, but I haven't purchased it yet. We'll see when it bubbles to the top

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