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Thread: Most Anticipated Games - 2016 Edition

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    After waiting for years without much in the way of news, it looks like Enemy Starfighter has a new name and is about to go into Early Access:

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    I may be the only one, but Zero Time Dilemma for 3DS.

    Also, Deus Ex.

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    I was kinda looking forward to We Happy Few, though recent news make it sound quite a bit like Sir, You Are Being Hunted, a game that I liked in theory, but in practice it became samey too fast. Then again, they say that they still have to add a lot of story/world content.

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    That's a bummer. I was excited for it to but trading about all the scavenger survival stuff makes me a little eh. I am really into the social blending aspect - How did that pan out?

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    PCGamer and The Verge both recently put up lists of the remaining big releases of 2016.

    What I'm still looking forward to:

    Watch_Dogs 2
    The Last Guardian
    Gravity Rush 2

    Wait and see (probably bargain bin buys):
    Final Fantasy 15
    Mafia 3
    Dishonored 2

    What I still haven't played from this year, but will probably pick up once they're cheap enough:
    DX Manky
    No Man's Sky
    Mirror's Edge 2
    Rise of the Tomb Raider

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    I've probably got the same "buy when cheaper" list henke. It's getting to the point where I can't imagine picking up much more for this year. The irony is that I've ended up spending more time on free to play online MOBA than half the things I actually bought...

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    And that is how the backlog really begins. When you play infinite-playtime multiplayer games that can never truly be "finished".

    I'd like to play Mirror's Edge 2, but I don't want to install Origin for it.
    I can highly recommend Rise of the Tomb Raider and Doom 4, though. Both very good.

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    So two of my three most anticipated games of the year have come out: Hitman and DXMD, both of which I have happily paid full price for. Next is Dishonored, which is 1.5x the price of both those two combined ... I'll have to save up if I want to pay full price. Actually, I think I'll do what I did with DXMD and preorder it once the review embargo is up and everyone confirms it's as awesome as I hoped it would be.

    Aside from that I don't have many new games I'm really looking forward to.

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    DXMD, Doom, No Man's Sky, Hitman and kinda sorta Tomb Raider and Mirror's Edge, all on my "to play" list too. Sounds like good Steam Holiday Sale material. I'll also include Quadrilateral Cowboy and Abzu.

    And..Styx Shards of Darkness. Although with no release date yet, it's likely going to be 2017. Same with Underworld Ascendant, which 2016 seemed optimistic from the start anyway. Speaking of Kickstarters, we were supposed to also see the Pathologic remake this year as well, but that's pushed back to Fall of 2017 now.

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    A release date for Shadow Warrior 2 (along with preorders) has been made public: The 13th of October.

    I am unlikely to preorder, even if I get a bonus loyalty discount for owning the first. I really want to know more about how it plays before buying it.

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    It plays like Diablo if it were an FPS, apparently, complete with largely procedurally generated levels. Joy, huzzahs and elation, etc.

    I was looking forward to it until the previews illustrated how rapidly they were approaching a Borderlands/Diablo event horizon, at which point my interest in it became inversely proportional to the gravitational pull of this - my apologies, everyone - singularity of suck.

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    It's September, where the hell has Cuphead disappeared to?

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    It seems to be a very good year for games but have probably played less of them this year than I have for over a decade.
    Most of the ones that I want to get have been mentioned already but I just noticed that the next Telltale TWD series is coming out in November. I'll get it I'm sure, but am hoping that they will innovate a little more this time.

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    My problem is compounded by having been out of gaming regularly for some time, partly due to lack of a decent gaming machine, and a huge mountain of stuff I've missed has accumulated. I keep finding about interesting games I'd never heard of which ironically don't actually need a particularly beefy system...

    Now I want to play Dark Souls as well, which is backing up to 2011. Help...

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    "Battleborn Free Trial" Too little, too late Randy.

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