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Thread: What are you cooking?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thor View Post
    Might I suggest a nice can of Spam or maybe even better a nice can of Treat to go with that?

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    Not cooking, but revisiting my home-country. Obligatory "Bar Mleczny" feast. All this for under $15 ;D

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    I'm making chicken sandwiches now. I like cooking and I used to take homemade food even to work. I use special containers that I ordered to store my food. I think that homemade food is healthier and taste far better than store-bought ones.

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    Chicken thigh taco night.

    BTW...who's the banned guy?

    Tomorrow I've got to make pizza dough. I like it thin and crispy with hot sausage, bell pepper and mushroom. I like to add a bit of provolone to the mozzarella for a bit of sweetness.

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    Ah, I see many people here are into chicken The simplest protein after eggs. I really like cooking chicken khebab (a Turkish recipe), the most important secret is to marinade the meat as long as possible, for example a night

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