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Thread: Destiny 2 - MMOFPS-ARPG - PC/PS4/XB1 - Oct 24th/Sept 6th.

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    Destiny 2 - MMOFPS-ARPG - PC/PS4/XB1 - Oct 24th/Sept 6th.

    After a decade long absence prodigal son Bungie has returned to PC.

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    The PC version looks awesome, but the lack of cross saves is a dealbreaker for me. The PS4 Destiny community is really strong and I'm not willing to make the switch to an uncertain future on Battlenet for the sake of higher framerate and adjustable FOV. Also, Bungie/Activision are heavily skewed towards PS4 with exclusive content, a trend that will continue in D2. In a game as centered on gear as Destiny, this actually has turned out to be a pretty big deal.

    A cross save function would make this an automatic purchase on both platforms.

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