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Thread: Invisible, Inc.

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    You can restart missions on Beginner.

    Hardest challenge of each corporation, IMHO:
    Plastech: Modded MK's (hacker/cyber consciousness)
    Senkaku: Null Drones
    K&O: Spec Ops (180 degree full-alert LoS)
    FTM: Inventory space taken up by the all the extra valuable loot you'll get

    One of these is not like the others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by henke View Post
    Well you don't have to worry about that, because guess what, you CAN'T restart the mission! If you loose one of your 2 troops then you gotta finish the game with the one you have left!

    Of course you can always just drag your downed troop to the exit-platform and they can be saved, but that's usually easier said than done.
    Now that's great. I prefer not having those kinds of options lest I succumb the temptation of using them.

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    "How many pissed off guards are between you and the exit?"
    "Umm... All of them, I think."

    I made it out of there unscathed, BTW. Had to wait a few turns, take out a few guards, and use that cloak III, but all in all, a success.

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    Heh, nice work.

    I think one of the great design choices in this is a certain conflict between the game's systems and optimal stealth playstyle. Like in all stealth games, it often pays to sit still and wait things out, but here the difficulty is always escalating, so the longer you wait the more difficult it gets. I haven't seen any other stealth games do this, but then again it might easily end up being more frustrating than thrilling in real-time game.

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    Y'know the foundry lab mission where Monst3r joins you briefly in the middle of the extended campaign? Turns out, if you leave any items on him, he just takes them! Bastard. I got my revenge, though. Next playthrough, I took his own custom pistol in that mission, and then sold it back to him for 300 credits. He thanked me for my business.

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