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Thread: General Fan Mission Review And Discussion Megathread

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    The Rift (TDM)

    I finally beat this mission gah.

    The Rift (by Baddcog) was a mission made for a vertical contest mission, which the creator decided to take in a different direction, which I approve of. Not-Garratt is laying low in a hillside mining town and decides to make a few extra gold bits by stealing the jeweled scepter of a local lord. He barely takes two steps before an earthquake opens a huge rift, which demands exploring.

    This is a more undead focused mission, with exploration of ruins and tomb raiding. I think this is the first time Iíve reviewed one of these, or at least the first to have it as the major focus. Iím not sure if I like this type of mission; I admit that I prefer to creep around in an elegant mansion or vast city, exploring, finding secrets, and indulging my inner voyeur. But maybe I just havenít played the right kind yet.

    Graphics-wise, it certainly pulls off making the rift seem vast and you feel very small, at least for to first half of the mission, after which it gets a tad more claustrophobic. Itís not pretty, but impressive enough, and itís nice enough to make it clear where youíre supposed to go.

    Difficulty-wise, itís actually pretty hard, or at least more difficult than expected. You donít have a lot of equipment, and if you arenít familiar with The Dark Modís combat system youíll find yourself ducking around quite a lot. There are also a few places where I felt it was nigh-impossible to drop down without taking damage. One would think you could just use rope arrows, but this mission is oddly skimpy on them. Itís even possible to find yourself stranded at the end of the mission with no real place to go, due to the lack of rope arrows. Also, you have to personally make your way back up, and again, poor use of rope arrows can leave you stuck. Even the opening is a pain, you have three guards right out your window, and only perfect timing will get you to street level without getting seen.

    I admit, Iím biased: I took waaaay too long to beat this mission, and Iím still a tad bitter. But being fair, this is a solid mission, just not part of a subset I like, and with a few kinks to be ironed out here and there. Recommended.

    P.S. If anyone knows how to get into the church, do say. :P

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    Thief: Brainchild by Sperry

    This is my first review and it's a short one, so bear with me.

    I just played Brainchild, a FM by Sperry. It was very different from the average mansion heist mission and for that, I adore it. Compared to most FMs, this one really stands out with it's unique setting and non thiefy, exploration-focused gameplay. I also love how Sperry managed to perfectly combine the Thief: Gold ambients (like the droning echoes and hums from the original games) with this creepy, techno-nightmare labyrinth of a level. Plus, the lack of any story or explanation just leaves the player guessing and wanting more. If you haven't played Brainchild yet, then stop reading this review and do it right now. Trust me, it's an experience you won't forget and there hasn't been anything like this since.
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    The King of Diamonds (TDM)

    Now, back on target.

    The King of Diamonds (by Spooks) is the first city mission Iíve reviewed in a while, and itís a good one. Not-Garratt is contacted by an acquaintance, King, who wants Not-Garratt to do something for him. After tracking down Kingís accomplice, Not-Garrett learns that King made of with a valuable diamond...but was ratted out and is currently laying low, and he wants Not-Garrett to break into his former residence and get Kingís stuff back.

    Graphics-wise, this mission is quite...purple. And blue. Very different from what one expects out of a city, and for that Iím glad. The city is more of a mix of back alleys and side streets, giving it a cramped, claustrophobic feel. However, it also has the result of making the mission a tad confusing to navigate, at least at first. You get two maps, and while they look nice, to be honest I didnít find them much help.

    Difficulty-wise, it feels like the inverse of Sons of Barltona: The city itself is simple to navigate; there are very few guards on the streets, but the estate itself jacks the difficulty up. In Expert, at least, you canít even knock anyone unconscious, the torches are dutifully relit, and thereís a fair bit of ducking around people who wander into every nook and cranny. And getting out is a pain as well.

    Where this mission really shines are the side quests and stories you can find in your scrounging. The mission is similar to Lords and Legacy, in that there are a lot of mini-stories going on, though here they do tend to dovetail a bit more. Itís not pure horror, but there are a few creepy moments in the mission, which Iím loath to spoil. Itís quite good, and the atmosphere is well done, with understated sound (or lack thereof) to hammer in the creepiness. Although I do question how you can have neighbors who are separated by like solid blocks of house.

    Like I said, there are side quests aplenty here, ranging from simply dealing with a wannabe backstabber to a long and involved quest to take out a captain viaÖ.interesting means. Itís a very involved thing, and itís easy to miss on a step or two if you donít know what youíre doing. Still, itís definitely one of the more creative objectives Iíve seen in The Dark Mod. Only gripe is that he died out of view of everyone when I played, so no mass panic.

    All in all, a good, creepy mission, with a fair amount to do. Recommended.

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    Volta and the Stone (TDM)

    Hm, Iím nowhere near done with my backlog.

    Volta and the Stone (by Kingsal) starts by changing your screen in The Dark Mod proper to some neat purple tower, so you know youíre getting effort here. A decently-voiced cutscene fills you in on the plot: Not-Garrett has been recruited to steal a valuable stone from the Volta estate, and surprise surprise, itís at the top of a stupidly huge tower. Most of the mission is spent trying to make your way into the tower, so itís not really a vertical mission, however.

    Difficulty-wise, itís not overly hard. The guard placement is light, and the patrols are wide enough so that even that odd thief that doesnít whack everyone and their mother over the head can slip through. The loot goal is also pretty reasonable, at the very least you shouldnít have any trouble hitting it if youíre paying attention. The only part that I feel might trip people up is one of the switches. Youíre told where it is, but thereís still a bit of pixel hunting to find it. To be honest though, itís a very mild complaint. Thereís also a rather annoyingly placed guard at the tower entrance who more or less have to run and pray around.

    Where this mission shines is in the layout. It looks different than most missions, with more of a red hue to everything. Even the guards have custom outfits, the whole thing almost makes me think of a house of cards. The mission is very non-linear, there are quite a few different ways through the mansion, if youíre willing to look up every now and then. Some people have compared this to canon missions, so Iíll take that as a good sign.

    The only real tripping point is the ending, which has a little puzzle elements and some good views, but still feels a tad bit anti-climactic, considering some of the foreshadowing throughout the mission. Oh well, this is supposed to be part 1 of a series, Iíve gathered, so weíll see what the future holds. All in all, solid, creative mission. Recommended.

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    Thanks everyone. The OP is now updated and apologies for my dilatoriness.

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    Try using shorter words, nickie. It may speed up the process.

    Spot on, Chris.

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