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Thread: Difficulty and mission completion

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    Difficulty and mission completion

    1. I installed TG and T2 with Tfix and Tafferpatch - so much easier than last time I tried to get them running! However, I saw some posts that Ultimate difficulty doesn't work with them but the posts are over 2 years old. Is it still the same or is there a way to install ultimate difficulty now?

    2. Also, the game completes as soon as I fulfil the objectives. The objective to 'get back to the streets' is no longer there. I'm sure the missions used to have that objective because I could go hunting for remaining loot after completing - but its been quite a few years since I played so maybe I remember wrong? (I'm only 4 missions into TGold). If not, is there a way to get that objective back on the missions?

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    2. There's usually no "get back out" objective if you're playing on Normal, with a few exceptions. Both Hard and Expert should have a "get out" objective on pretty much every mission (I don't remember whether there are any exceptions).

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    Ha! Really? Had this game 17 years and never noticed that. Thanks. I did always play on expert before but wanted to fly through the first few missions this time so went normal.

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