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Thread: Infinite money glitch in Thief 1

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    Infinite money glitch in Thief 1

    Hey everyone, recently I found what I believe to be a new glitch (at least a search didn't turn anything up) that lets you carry over your money from one mission's store to another mission. This glitch works in both Thief 1 and 2 (tested with NewDark), but only in Thief 1 can you use it to get infinite money.

    Here's an example using Cragscleft and the Thieves' Guild:
    • In Cragscleft, save the game while you're still in the objectives screen, before the mission has even started or you've entered the shop.
    • Collect all the loot in the Thieves' Guild and click "continue" until you're in the pre-mission shop for The Sword.
    • From the shop, load the Cragscleft savegame and click "continue".
    • You should now be in the Cragscleft pre-mission shop with all the loot from the Thieves' Guild, as much as 2716, even though from Bafford's you could only get 1429.

    Thief 1 has another quirk that you can exploit together with this glitch for infinite money. Since you haven't stolen anything at the start of Bafford's (with the exception of the Keeper vase), the game adds 300 to your loot total (either 0 or 50) as you enter the shop, so that you can actually buy anything. If you make a save in Bafford's objectives screen and load that save from Bafford's store you can keep adding 300 to your money each time. You can then use the glitch to begin any other mission with that money to buy out the entire store.

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    Much easier is to simply add the line

    cash_bonus 3000

    to the user.cfg file. You'll start any mission with the extra cash.

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    Yeah, but my method doesn't use any external editing, only the tools the game itself gives you. All in-game and legit.

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    Infinite broadhead glitch (T1): get rid of all your broadheads, then pick up one that's been shot by an archer, and voilą

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    This is Thief, no broadheads needed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brethren View Post
    This is Thief, no broadheads needed.
    Charles Laughton disagrees.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stibitzki View Post
    Yeah, but my method doesn't use any external editing, only the tools the game itself gives you. All in-game and legit.
    Going legit is more trouble than it's worth

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    i never even use the gear in missions,beside maybe a rope arrow

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    Another combination exists? I mean only Dark Project missions.

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    Cragscleft and Thieves' Guild were just an example, all missions should allow you to carry over money. However, the 300 increment trick only works with Bafford's of course, but from the Bafford's shop you can just load another mission and carry over that money too.

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    three peas in a pod. cute.

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    This works only with NewDark I understood?

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    Not necessarily, but so far I have only tested it in NewDark.

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    Combination Cragscleft and Strange Bedfellows will not work because Into the Maw of Chaos is without shop. I tested it with combination Cragscleft and Undercover and I can say that I was able to get super money in Cragscleft (I bought 3 speed potions). This method is working in OldDark and in NewDark. I grabbed all loot in Undercover and this is the easiest level at least for me when I'm looking for 100% loot.

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    cool trick. will try.

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