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Thread: Rising water?

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    Rising water?

    Any tips on how to implement water than rises and falls in-game?

    I know it can be done (or at least, convincingly faked?), since Temple of the Tides and and Ominous Bequest both incorporated it. I couldn't figure out how, though.

    In all my searching, the only working link I found was one of Shadowspawn's tutorials, but that seems only to create a visual effect. You wouldn't actually have swimmable water changing in-game.

    Would appreciate any tips!

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    Yeah it can only be done by a convincing fake. How, I don't know. It might be deconstructable from Temple of the Tides if there isn't a tutorial about.

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    Fake Water is kinda a passion I have in Thief^^

    Depending on how much you want. There are different ways.
    Core would be the NVFakeWater script and moving conveyors or animated textures via .mtl file then move them like an elevator.

    Here you will find a Lot of info and a demo with different techniques.


    While I tried to make it as user friendly as possible (copy and paste) it might not seam so at first.

    I'm planing to write a new powerful script to minimize everything.
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    Not much to go on, but when I did a Q&A with Nameless Voice several years ago, this was one of his responses:

    4. Hey, I’m certainly no editing genius, but how did you make the water rise in Temple of the Tides?

    Smoke and mirrors.
    There isn’t actually any water in The Temple of the Tides, apart from the small amounts in the canals along the corridors.
    The rising water is just a collection of tricks put together to give the illusion of water: making the player levitate, slowing his movement speed, making his air supply ‘refill’ backwards, triggering the appropriate splashing sounds, and adding a bluish-green overlay in front of his view.

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    Thanks for the replies! Daraan, that looks very helpful!

    Fortunately, I don't need to implement anything nearly as difficult as Temple of the Tides (e.g., dynamically rising). Just water whose presence can be toggled by the player.

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    If the player cannot get to the area before raising or lowering the water level (e.g. they see it go up or down through a window, but can't swim/not swim in it) then you can take the approach I used in What Lies Below. I made the actual water textures invisible (alpha 0) and used conveyors with a water texture for all the surfaces, and in the cases where water went up or down, I did that I think by attaching the waterveyors to a translating door.

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    Thanks for the suggestion, that does sound easier! Unfortunately, it's in an area the player can access, with or without the water. I think Daraans method will work, but I'm slow to grasp the execution of it.

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