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Thread: NEW T2 FM: Morbid Curiosity (October 2016)

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    Can you send me a screenie? Not sure what room could be up there.. I know there is a wooden beam above the chapel that you can rope onto.

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    it was just the bell tower. I needed to time my jump or aim a rope arrow better.
    great mission! the city was just large enough that I lost my bearings a bit navigating, but not so big as to be a pain getting across.
    5/6 secrets, 4 optional objectives

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    What a fun level! Beautifully designed, a great town atmosphere and, as I mentioned elsewhere, the Galley was one of the most entertaining (and occasionally terrifying) areas I've ever explored in a Thief game. Admittedly I did need a lot of hints from this thread to make it to the end, and I'm still not sure I found all the fun bits.

    One thing I certainly don't know is whether the creepy smiling Dewdrop that greets me back in the Inn at the end was there to congratulate me, or murder me. I will assume the former!

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    Just started to play this mission and I have to say it is great So awesome to see FMs of this quality coming out...

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    just got done replaying this mission for the second time and wow its so good,great job pukey brunster,you are forsure a great fan mission author

    hope to see more missions from you

    6/6 secrets ,completed on expert,all objectives complete

    and so much amazing art also in misson

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    Replaying this again! It's just as engaging as I remember, but I'm stuck in a few places:

    How do I get into the Station North? It said previously in the thread that you have to climb up onto a beam to find a way in, so I climbed up and. . . nothing. Nothing to open or frob.

    Same problem with the fish store. Previously in the thread it said you have to climb up on some crates and "look for something to open." Well, I have climbed up on everything I possibly could in that area and I can't find ANYTHING that opens or otherwise allows me to get in. I'm going to need some blatant spoilers here.

    Finally, I'm not sure what to do in the Hammerite graveyard. I have St. Merek's Hammer, but I'm not sure what to do with it.


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    I'll start with the fish store. You cannot get in via the front door, and the "alternate entrance" is found a short walk away from the fishmonger. Look for a shop selling milk, then go east. You should reach "Ha'Penny Market". A side alley leads to the "Spells shop" at the end. Right before the "Spells shop", there should be some crates, and now you can climb around and search for that something to open - a hatch. The rest should be easy; the fishmonger is just a grate away now.

    Station North is (I believe) a tower-like building that can be seen in the city from the bridge before the Gallery. Once again, there is no direct way into there, but with St. Merek's Hammer, you are ready to go there.

    As for St. Merek's Hammer, it is meant to be used in the Hammerite crypts, as a readable in a priest's room in the Hammerite compound hints at. Access to the crypts can be gained in the graveyard. If you wander around there, you should be able to find a place suitable for a prayer, as well as one not suitable for praying. Go to the former, then start praying (maybe by reading the inscription on some stone plaque there, I am not sure). A nearby fountain should become blessed now, and you can change your water arrows to Holy water arrows there. Do so.

    Go back around one or two corners and look for some inscription saying something about "making the way holy" or something similar. Shoot your Holy water arrow at a picture on the wall near the inscription. The picture should move up and give you access to the crypt.

    Inside the crypt, there is a sarcophagus with a hammer icon on one side. The icon should light up. Save your game, then use St. Merek's Hammer with it. Two more hammerite icons should be revealed, but you will also get company. The unwanted one, smelling of death and decay. Holy water arrows or the sword (which you might have found on your way through the city) should take care of the undead.

    You will gain two more hammers by getting rid of the undead, and these two hammers must be used on the two hammerite icons which were revealed with the help of St. Merek's Hammer. The sarcophagus slides away, and a water-filled cavern awaits you.

    Save your game again, then dive into the depths. Open the lid of the "double sarcophagus" down there, and while the lid opens, swim up again and catch some breath. Go back down and start exploring the flooded rooms. One of them should contain a plant glowing red (with a gem nearby) and a sarcophagus glowing bluish-white. Look up near the sarcophagus, use a breath potion if needed, and swim up there. After some more flooded caves, you will emerge in a room with a pool in the center. Pillars are located near the pool's rim.

    Some undead may wait there for you, and your sword might come in handy once again. If a burning undead is here as well, look for a source of Holy water outside the pool, bless your water arrows again and put them to good use.
    Oh, and welcome to Station North, by the way.
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    Thanks, baeuchlein! I had forgotten all about that part. Ugh . . . now I have to deal with that damn fire monk again.

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    I just ran into an extremely annoying bug while in the zombie part of the gallery exhibit. If I try to bring up an arrow--any kind of arrow, my screen just turns into dark, solid blocks of color and I can't see anything! What's going on?

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    I started the game again after leaving it for a long time and the bug didn't occur again. I could use my arrows as normal. . . weird.

    I'm a bit confused, though: I used all the locks on their corresponding statues and got into the Vance Shipping area, but the objective for the keys still hasn't ticked off. What more do I have to do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Taffer View Post
    I started the game again after leaving it for a long time and the bug didn't occur again. I could use my arrows as normal. . . weird.

    I'm a bit confused, though: I used all the locks on their corresponding statues and got into the Vance Shipping area, but the objective for the keys still hasn't ticked off. What more do I have to do?
    Ricebug's Walkthrough (2016) for "Morbid curiosity" says:

    "Once the keys are placed, Garrett will say something. Where do you go? The diary in the clocktower said,
    I may be the last living person who knows the secret of unlocking the four water maidens. From there I will take a boat to the canals toward South Gate. If I am right, 'In Waters are Treasure'.
    Return to where you first started the mission, jump into the canal, go north, and enter a previously secret room underwater. (Swim north and you’ll swim right into the room.)

    I have not dealt with the keys when I played the mission, so you have to find out for yourself whether this works or not.
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    Thanks! I'd forgotten so much since the last time I played it and I don't think I ever managed to unlock all the statues and get the treasure then, too. Got it this time, though. Yay!

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    Thought I'd give this one a go.

    I'm in the gallery now, have already been in the secret in the curator's office, there is a locked panel next to a window (which probably opens the front door) and I can't unlock it. Don't know where to go next.
    Something to do with the power maybe, but I can't figure out what.

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    First, there is a locked door down the hall and around the corner near some writing on the wall. After you read the curator's journal that door opens and you can now enter the gallery.

    Did you see the doll in the curators office? Go to where the doll was standing and you should see a key on the desk. That key opens the panel, and there is a switch behind it which opens the front doors.

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    Thanks. I gave up after seeing there wasn't anything useful in the secret area. I didn't expect doors to magically open and objects to materialise out of thin air after reading the diary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pukey brunster View Post

    Iím happy to release my first FM, which is a city-to-destination style mission.
    This is your first mission

    Just started playing this & it's stunning

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    Thanks, Esme, and hope you're having fun : )

    Thanks also, Haplo! I hope you will keep playing, too

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    Location: The Inverted Manse
    A truly magnificent mission for the first effort (or any "nth" effort, actually), I must say!

    I've been playing it on and off due to lack of time. Now the only thing left to do is finding a way to remove the curse from the hammer. I'm not stuck, just have to find the time to finish it.

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    That was brilliant, I still can't believe it was your first mission, played on expert & took about 6 and a half hours, I missed about 500 loot somewhere so I'll go back in & have a look sometime, I liked the fountain puzzle & the way you weren't told about it until you got all the stone keys

    I managed to climb out of the map in a few places but that's just me hunting for loot, even from the places I shouldn't get to the map looked gorgeous, I'm basically a tourist, I like to climb up high & just watch

    Made a change having an evil dewdrop

    Thank you for this

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