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Thread: NEW Thief 2 FM: The Rebellion of the Builder 2 (06 August 2017)

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    @ Dr.Sahnebacke
    The reason I made version 1.22 was due to the minor changes and missing files for version 1.20. The files are now in that version.

    Yeah, mission 9 can get a bit rough when confronted with the AIs (especially in the castle's library), but it's possible to get rid of most of them with your sword. There are a few moss arrows in the mission (should be some near the beginning of the mission).

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    Thank you Thinking robot and GORT for your tips.
    I am now prepared for the only way to fight through the mission.
    Kind regards and thanks for this huge fan mission paket.

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    Way past due, but here's a mirror for versions 1.22:

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    I finished this campaign a few days ago. I have to admit that the missions are very difficult because of riddles. So I needed walkthrough. The missions are also hard to ghost even when playing Garrett. But I like the whole campaign very much. I love the Mechanist aircraft carrier, planes and cars in the last mission
    The idea with Saria gameplay is also great. Every mission in this campaign has its own textures, environment, climate, spirit, gameplay and so on.
    Well done.

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