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Thread: Favorite Level (SS1, SS2, Bioshock and Prey) ?

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    Favorite Level (SS1, SS2, Bioshock and Prey) ?

    I originally created a thread on this over on but got no responses so thought I'd try here. Be good to see what levels people liked most.

    Name your favorite level for System Shock 1 and Shock 2 and why. For bonus points I'll allow a favorite level from either Bioshock or Prey (or both). This thread will very likely be filled with spoilers for SS1, SS2, Bioshock and Prey so be warned.

    For me:

    SS1 - Reactor level. I love this level due to it's difficulty (quite hard in some bits), the traps that get thrown at you, the music and the story elements that get revealed via the audio logs. This is one of the levels you come back to a few times over the course of the game to complete objectives.

    SS2 - Recreation (closely followed by the Hydro levels). This level has a "lived in" type feel to it. Has nice shopping type areas, a cinema, canteen complete with kitchen. Has some good audio logs in it as well, I mostly recall the numerous Rebecca and Tommy logs you'd encounter. The level as a whole has a very "Star Trek DS9" kinda look aesthetic to it.

    Bioshock 1 - I don't recall the level name, but the one with that guy who had gone bonkers and put the people inside the wax statues, which you could hit with your weapon and see all the blood come out.

    Bioshock 2 - When you first get inside the "Big Daddy" suit and go mess up some enemies. Though level wise, it would be that flash back level that's toward the end of the game, as you get to see what Rapture was like before everything went to shit.

    Prey - The starting area in "your apartment". For me the first "WOAH" moment when you get the wrench and then smash the glass and then realize where you really are. Second place would be outside the ship. As much as I was half half about the controls when there was no gravity, I thought the outer ship bits were very well done.

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    SS2 - Recreation (for the reasons you mentioned)

    BioShock - Fort Frolic

    BioShock 2 - Little Sister Vision(tm)

    Prey - The Lobby and the Arboretum are both really impressive, large spaces with lots of little details everywhere and I think they're pretty unique for a "trapped on a spaceship" kind of game. I think my favorite area might be the Crew Quarters though, for many of the same reasons Recreation is great in SS2 and, Danielle Sho...was a great character with a fun side quest. Outside was also great, I especially liked the few scattered bits that were far away from the station like the hackable billboard and the shuttle. Man, Prey had a lot of tiny details for how big the levels were.

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