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Thread: Syndrome -

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    Syndrome -

    I'm really surprised that there's been no thread about this game yet.
    Anyway this System Shock clone is looking pretty decent. (Putting aside the bad acting and clunky animation.) Nice to see an old school SurHor game too (i.e. where you can actually fight back), rather than another Amnesia clone where you do nothing but hide like a little bitch.

    Developer Camel 101 announced today that the PC version of the game will be out on October 6.

    From the blurb: ďA member of the shipís crew, you awaken from cryosleep to find itís not at all the way you remember. Your friends and coworkers are gone. In their place, transformed monstrosities that kill without mercy. With the ship courseless and adrift in space, youíll have to uncover the events that took place during your sleep if you have any hope of surviving this waking nightmare.Ē Weapons are rare and ammunition scarce, so while you can fight when you have to, stealth and evasion are the keys to survival.

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    Yeah, this looks good, I recently added it to my wish list after seeing it under "More Like This" on the Dead Space page. Lots of games have tried and failed to do the SS2 thing, so hopefully it's at least decent.

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    Oh wow I actually played this few months back at a Polish game expo oUT of all places. It definitely had the ss inspiration and atmosphere tho the gameplay (like shooting) felt a little janky. Looks like they made considerable improvement since then!

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    I was looking on reddit to see if there was ANY news at all from Lunar software about what the fuck is going on with Routine....

    ... and found this game on a list somebody wrote up of games I might be able to play to pass the time until Routine comes out...

    I've watched a few video reviews, it looks to attempt to pay homage to some of our collective favorites, while kinda missing the mark on gameplay. I saw a comment somewhere that it's being released for PSVR, which is interesting-ish.

    Did anybody here play it? Is it worth $22 CAD? Or should I buy into Early Access for Pamela?

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    I bought Syndrome during the summer sale, kind of a mixed bag. They have some of the System Shock atmosphere down, but the game bombards you with fetch quests to the point where I just got bored and never finished it. Most games end of up with some kind of fetch scenario, but they find a way to creatively disguise it. Not this game. Back and forth, back and forth, get this, get that. Compounding this was the long load times between levels that I was going back and forth between. I only made it 2 hours or so and then just never was interested enough to go back.

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    I feel like the combat involves swinging your wrench far too much. I'm all for inventory management, but not if it's too draconian without a really well implemented system to deal with the lack of ammunition.

    Condemned did a good job of that, where you could get through a level without touching a gun, or only having 3 to 7 shots in a level.

    This doesn't look that well thought out. But I might spend $10 on it from everything I've heard so far if it goes on sale again.

    Fucking Routine anyway.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Volitions Advocate View Post
    Condemned did a good job of that, where you could get through a level without touching a gun, or only having 3 to 7 shots in a level.
    Not exactly the same type of game, but Dying Light comes to mind as well. I'm replaying it now (on and off), and 2/3 way through the game I still haven't fired a single bullet (although I do have a couple of guns in my inventory).

    Yeah, Routine is frustrating, they teased us last winter with a March 2017 release date, and now have gone back into hiding with no news or updates. I'll assume those guys have regular jobs or they would be starving by now.

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