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Thread: Heat Signature

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    Heat Signature

    Anyone playing this? By one of the Toms from Crate and Crowbar (I think it's a Tom).

    It's like Hotline Miami in space with a cool space travel mechanic.

    It's a little baffling though. If anyone could explain the character switch at the start or the Stash I'd be grateful.

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    Yeah, I've had a quick go, although DOS2 is still monopolising my time at the moment.

    The switch at the start is to do with that character retiring and handing the reins to new blood on the newly liberated station, at which point she becomes a source of personal missions for them.

    The stash is a little hard to work out at first, but anything you can't fit in your immediate inventory, send it to stash and it'll be available when you get back to the station. The stash is per character however, meaning if you die or are captured, your next character won't have access to the old one's stash.

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    Really? No one else?

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    Not yet! It looks great though, I'll get to it when I don't have a pile of other games on my plate.

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