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Thread: Prey (2017) - Arkane Austin

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    Quote Originally Posted by froghawk View Post
    I thought they fixed that in the last generation of games? I didn't play Skyrim or FO4 (quite sick of their approach of sticking a ton of stuff in their games but doing all of it poorly), but I remember playing Oblivion with a mod that took away the loading screens, at least for entering cities.
    You're talking about a dev team that's been content to use the same engine framework for the past 15 years people despite complaining about this since Morrowind. No, it has not been fixed.

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    I finally got started on this on Friday, and I like it a lot so far. Exploration is interesting and feels dangerous, and I like how this both captures and updates the gameplay and atmosphere of System Shock. In fact, since there's a whiff of art deco to the art design, I can't help thinking that I wish Bioshock had been like this: not a shooter first and foremost but a game that puts you in a fascinating environment and gives you a whole range of tools to survive. I would've loved Rapture if it hadn't been solely about shooting people in the face.

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    Quick question: does/did anyone else have ridiculously long loading times? The ones in-game are bad enough, but when I launch Prey, it takes several minutes before I even get a black screen, let alone the company logos. I'll try installing the game on SSD, but even on HDD those are some pretty damn long loading times.

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    That never happed to me.

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    I'm hoping that reinstalling the game on SSD will help. Another technical issue I've found very annoying: detailed texture tend to pop in very late, seconds after I'm right in front of a blurry, low-res screen thinking that graphics ought to be a bit sharper in 2017...

    Loving the game in spite of these issues, mind you.

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    I definitely felt the loading times - not so much because they were long, but because I saw a loading screen every minute running around the station late game. And yeah, also experience the texture pop-in. It's interestingly set up - if your computer doesn't support high textures, it simply won't load them at all (and thus will perform fine). I haven't seen a game do that before.

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    Result! I've reinstalled the game, this time on my SSD, and the loading times have gone from several minutes (more than 5 minutes until I was actually in the game!) to less than a minute.

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