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Thread: What to Do About Crap High Res Texture Mods?

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    They really ought to leave it that way if the texture pack is so bad / different. /o\

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    But the issue still holds for other mods than NTEX. The high res water pack, for instance, has more animated frames than the one it replaces and as such can cause crashes if the FM is close to the file handle limit. The issue isn't just about aesthetics, but known problems when combined with particular FMs. If the FM author knows about them, there should be some better way than just a warning in the readme to deal with them.

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    as mentioned earlier, trying to save all the users from themselves is an exercise in futility - you either set your fm up to be compatible with popular mods, or ask everyone to disable whatever they have loaded before running the fm.

    that's what I have been doing with SS2 FMs, and it's been working out ok so far - there were a few isolated incidents, but you can't do much about nutcases who import mods/FMs into their vanilla crfs and stuff like that.

    //yep, ntex (and EP1) are enabled by default.
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