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Thread: Most beautiful music from FMs

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    I really liked the song Gypsy in Raetsel's Masque of Red Death. This song can be found on Ronan Hardiman's CD titled "Michael Flatley's Lord of the Dance." Actually the whole CD is beautiful and relaxing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pukey brunster View Post
    The Spear Of Destiny: Dewdrop song *love*

    But even more so titled "windstil" overwrite. Damn girl.
    the " windstill overwrite" is "Drunk again" by Jeanne French. over here better known as Redleaf

    in the spearzip I included a folder "extra" with some of the songs from the mission in a bit higher quailty and with some add. stuff

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yandros View Post
    I used that in the latter stages of What Lies Below, and still love it.
    Been years since I played your fan mission, but I still remember that music, accompanied nicely with the crazed laughter from half a dozen haunts.

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    A night in rocksbourg: Discovery (Starting area. Sometimes i just sit there)

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    Having replayed Godbreaker recently, I realize that I've forgotten to mention it here. The swamp has almost exclusively new music (by Brian Eno I think), all of which is nice. Mission 4 uses some of T2 stock ambients, but its main track that plays throughout the streets is new (I think it's from one of Silent Hill games). There's also a singing choir in the church
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    i have to be honest and say cardia has some amazing music in his missions,real atmospheric feeling,makes me feel like i am on a journey

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    Quote Originally Posted by downwinder View Post
    i have to be honest and say cardia has some amazing music in his missions,real atmospheric feeling,makes me feel like i am on a journey
    Thank you Steve, music for me is important in a mission, just like for movie directors who are aware that music provides life to their films. Let's hope i can still surprise with my upcoming missions.

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    I would like to mention "Zealot's Hollow" for it's outstandig soundtrack.

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    I can't name any right now, since I've been a little passive playing FMs recent years, but I do wanna point out that yes - music/ambience is one of the most important aspects in Thief for me, at least.. it has such a massive potential in creating atmosphere. And it saddens me a bit that it hasn't been used as such that often. But maybe I'm mistaken, because like I said, I haven't played that much lately. But I'm always up for listening any Thief-style music and if any creators out there are in need, you can always contact me if you need some original music for your FM.

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