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Thread: where can i get ceramic roof footsteps sounds

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    where can i get ceramic roof footsteps sounds

    ive been searching for ceramic roof footsteps sounds, but alas with no success, most of what i find is concrete or metal roof footsteps sounds. I would love to have footsteps sounds similar to the one of assassin's creed when walking in the ceramic roofs. Maybe there's already a mission released with those sounds?

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    Yes, there was a recent one I thought. Maybe the last mission in Godbreaker? Or possibly in Behind Closed Doors.

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    There are a lot of footsteps. Maybe you can find something in that direction.
    I can help you with the editing. Combining two sounds can work too.

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    You could make your own. Just know that the sound you might like best won't involve a shoe/boot or a ceramic tile. Foley is a real art and can be a lot of fun. I spend quite some time doing a new foot schema for an author who shall remain nameless for now. I learned quite a bit. Your kitchen can be a great place to find stuff to make all kinds of sounds.

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    You've got two empty halves of coconut and you're banging them together!

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    Thanks Mike, i'll see what i can find in those missions.

    Stringgod2, i already checked that site, and i can't find there

    Sly im not sure it's safe for me to climb up to the roofs, even if i did it alot in my teenager times

    Robin, the coconuts are suitable to reproduce the horse footsteps just like in the movie "holy grail" of Monty Python

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    how do i replace the footsteps tile sounds of the original Thief, i can't find Garrett footstep's sounds inside the res and snd folder, anyone knows?

    nevermind...found it.

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