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Thread: A copy of Komag's old Fm archive

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    A copy of Komag's old Fm archive


    I haven't been on here for months, and dont have a use for this forum account anymore.

    While clearing out all my old thief stuff I remembered I have a full copy of Komag's archive, grab it before I empty my cloud drive -

    - mega

    Be ware its a tad large at 9GB.

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    Sounds like you need to provide a key along with the link:

    To access this folder/file, you will need its Decryption key.
    If you do not have the key, contact the creator of the link.

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    I see the links seem to work over at TDM's forum. See the 2nd post down in the link I provide here. Looks like many T1, T2, and T3 fan missions are part of Komag's repository, so some folks here may be interested in grabbing them before they're gone/lost, as I think it came up recently that Komag's normal website is/was unavailable and so it was hard to find certain missions.

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    Here is a permanent copy of Komag's DVD's on my mega account:!QfZG0AZA!cGHPc2Fu708Uuo4itvMARQ

    As long as mega doesn't shut down they will always be available at that link, I won't delete my account or wipe them off there.

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    I thought between cheapthiefmissions and south quarter, all released missions were hosted. Are there really missing missions in the komag archive?

    Is it worthwhile for someone who already has all the missions from the above websites to download the komag archive too?
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    As I recall Komag also had a lot of extra goodies besides missions....demos, wallpapers, icons, sounds etc.

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    The original KOMAG DVDs (with additional stuff) archive is about 32 GB.
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