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Thread: Subnautica

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    For a buggy-as-shit pre-release WIP game, Subnautica is pretty engaging.
    Visuals are great. I don't even know if I like it's grinding but I keep doing it.
    Even the lame deus ex mechanics have enough charm to be forgivable.
    (It stretches reality a bit too much to make the game play work.)

    It's like Minecraft to the extent you can take resources from anything.
    And as you craft stuff you can get into new areas that give you new resources to craft new stuff, and scanning junk lets you learn to do more.
    And to its credit it comes with some legit storytelling.
    It actually tracks my own concept I scripted for an alien-planet concept ages ago pretty closely, just set underwater ... which was a clever move.

    I thought I should make a thread for it just because I wanted to pimp my base after spending long enough building the thing.

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    Cool base - I bought this game last year, but haven't put much time into it. Is there an actual endgame or final goal for finishing, or is just perpetual crafting and building?

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    I'm waiting until they give it a full release. I follow it on Steam and I keep seeing them add cool stuff, so I have to quickly look away to stop myself getting spoiled.

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    @Brethren, there's an end game planned, and as I understand the game is already getting into that territory with what's released now, but it's not there yet. You can already tell it knows how to set up some epic scenes, even with what's already there. Just the approach to deeper areas ramps things up, so I trust it's all going somewhere interesting.

    I like spending a few minutes at a time in these kinds of eye candy open world sims just to cruise around and take in the sights though, not even following the plot so strictly, just doing a few game-play things here and there... I do it with Space Engine, The Hunter, Spin Tires, and even Skyrim. So this fits right in with that.

    Edit: For some reason, seeing the plot come together over iterations is sort of interesting to watch for its own sake. You can see some of the big plot nodes already, and then the space in between is getting filled out. That's why nothing's really stopping me. It works for me, but then again it's not unusual for me to read the script of a movie before I watch it so I know what to look for.
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    I bought this in Oculus Home and played it for awhile in VR last year until I ran into some show-stopping bugs in that version. I plan to get back to it at some point, maybe when the final version is released, because it was tons of fun in VR (though it was the pre-Touch Controller days).

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    Awesome news. Subnautica leaves Early Access Jan 23rd:

    I've pretty much finished all of the story and have clocked over 70 hours playtime so it will be interesting to see if the final version is that much different.

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    Looks like the kind of game I wanted No Man's Sky to be. Glad I waited playing it until it was finished.

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    Don't look now, but there's a fish "swimming" around in my radar room.

    Game is still cool. Actually runs decently on my Intel graphics card so I can play it on my little laptop.

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    Hehe. That bug actually saved my life once as I got a fish just in time after returning from a long trek back to my base in a relatively barren area.

    I think I'll wait until they release the final version before I give it another whirl. Too busy with Prey at the moment.

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