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Thread: Thief 2 v1.25 and System Shock 2 v2.46 are out ^^

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    I updated dromed (and T2) to v1.25 and some things are now borked. Most importantly, I can no longer enter or exit game mode using the keyboard shortcuts (alt+g, alt+e, alt+r). The 3D view window is defaulted to wireframe view and if I change it to solid world view it won't retain it after saving and loading a .cow. I didn't used Tafferpatcher, just dragged and dropped the necessary files. The release notes state:

    Extract the contents of the "" and "" archives into your T2 directory, and you are done.
    (I'd point out that you're only "done" at this point if you don't intend to update dromed)

    Anyway, I first backed up all .cfg and .ini files, as well as darkdlgs.dll. Then extracted the contents of these two archives into the T2 folder. I also extracted the contents of "". I then manually compared my old cam_ext.cfg with the new one and edited the new one to contain my customizations. Everything else I left alone.

    I deleted this entire folder and will just start over with a fresh copy (I keep a base dromed folder I just copy over for new projects). I'll try using Tafferpatcher to update it this time and see if the same problem occurs. I figured I should post this here anyway, just in case someone else has these issues.

    EDIT: I used Tafferpatcher and these issues are now fixed, but when I enter game mode all I see is a black starfield. I try to change my view and it appears to move incrementally very, very sluggishly with frequent freezes. I've not been able to move it far enough in any direction to see anything other than the starfield. And no normal movement is possible (forward, backward, etc. using movement keys WASD). I did choose enhanced skies when installing, but after this happened I reinstalled via Tafferpatcher and removed the enhanced skies thinking that might be the issue. Nope, same thing happens.

    I guess I'll go back to 1.24 for now.

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    I've only updated exes and dlls, and there is no problem. I'd try a clean reinstall with the latest TafferPatcher, that should install 1.25 Dromed properly (just tried, it does, all you have to do is set your resolution and enable hw rendering).

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    I've installed (updated) DromEd 1.25 without TP and don't have any issues. I didn't substitute any cfg files, though. I guess a cfg or bnd file has a bad entry now.
    Here's a similar thread on TEG.

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    Thanks for the replies, guys.

    Quote Originally Posted by voodoo47 View Post
    I've only updated exes and dlls, and there is no problem. I'd try a clean reinstall with the latest TafferPatcher, that should install 1.25 Dromed properly (just tried, it does, all you have to do is set your resolution and enable hw rendering).
    I did make a clean install and patched it with the latest TP. That's when I got stuck in the starfield, as I posted above. I just checked cam_ext.cfg but not sure how to enable hardware rendering. Is it this: d3d_disp_enable_hdr 32?

    Quote Originally Posted by Unna Oertdottir View Post
    I've installed (updated) DromEd 1.25 without TP and don't have any issues. I didn't substitute any cfg files, though. I guess a cfg or bnd file has a bad entry now.
    Here's a similar thread on TEG.
    I don't really think this is the same issue as in that thread, but I'll try it with just the .dlls and .exes.

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    ; when HW 2D is enabled in the _game_ (the default mode for D3D9) then the editor may run with HW 3D rendering
    ; and in 32-bit in the viewports with following settings (IMPORTANT! an "edit_screen_depth" of 32-bit is NOT
    ; supported when running editor with SW, i.e. when "editor_disable_gdi" is commented out, the editor WILL CRASH
    ; sooner or later. For SW mode "edit_screen_depth" has to be 16)
    edit_screen_depth 32
    both need to be uncommented. d3d_disp_enable_hdr is hdr, leave that alone. no idea what do you mean by being stuck in the starfield.

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    Thanks. I'll try that later after work. For the starfield, read the edit in this post.

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    I made a clean install of T2, updated it to v1.25 with the latest TP, and enabled hardware rendering as you suggested. I loaded a .cow that I had made with v1.24. I still get only the starfield when I enter game mode in dromed. All I see is the night sky with stars. I can't pan up or down more than a fraction, but I can pan left and right. No other controls do anything, all I can do at that point is exit game mode. Here's a video.

    If I do nothing except copy over the 1.25 version of dromed.exe, Thief2.exe, and darkdlgs.dll, it works fine. Is more than that needed to actually "update"?

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    no idea about that first part, but yeah, updating just the exes and dlls should be ok, so I'd stick with that.

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    Edit: Here's a bullet proof version for DromEd authors: ND 1.25+DromEd Toolkit 1.13. Just copy the files in the T2 root folder, overwrite everything (but don't overwrite your customized files that you want to keep).

    The NewDark readme points to the DromEd basic toolkit (you should use dromed.cfg, menus.cfg, cmds from the toolkit). Make sure the path to the cmds points to the cmds. You can also leave the cmd folder in the root folder and just copy all cmds from the toolkit to the root folder to be sure.
    Why you see a starfield/wireframe or whatever?
    This doesn't work, since the dromed.cfg doesn't point to the cmds
    edit_script_StartUp .\cmds\StartUp.cmd
    ; Display Solid World + selected brush in 3d Viewer
    set_mode 6
    ; Light Terrain
    ; Light Objects
    ; Player begins at editor camera position when entering game mode
    ; AI unware of player
    ; Draw in-game AI path stuff
    ; Ignore filters by default when portalizing (Newdark)
    set_ignore_filters 1
    ; Load template on startup?
    ;load_file levels\template.mis
    ; Autoreload book strings (Newdark)
    So, when you just update NewDark, leave the cfg files alone.
    It's already screwed up? Install DromEd toolkit again.
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    Okay, thanks again, guys. And thanks for that link, Unna!

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    Not sure if this is the right place to post a feature request for NewDark.
    Anyway: we see a lot of fixes showing up for old missions, but no easy way for players to get them integrated.
    I think it would be nice if FMSel would check for patches when installing FMs.
    E.g. let's assume there is a to be installed, then FMSel would check if there is a patch file available with an identical name, but with '_patch' added
    If so, then this would be extracted on top of the mission.
    This would help to keep the original mission files untouched, but also allow to install patches much more easily.

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    1.25 actually can do this, and I have already been playing with the functionality a bit - basically, you can specify a folder (ex. FMdml) where you keep all the FM dmls (fm1.dml, fm2.dml etc), which need to be fingerprinted to activate only for their respective missions. the engine will then go through them upon start, and load as necessary.

    so if you were someone who has a patcher for a Dark game, you could basically include a dml fix repository which would then activate fixes automatically. crazy, innit?

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    Interesting indeed. So, the name of the dml does not need to reflect the miss-file, but would reflect the name of the mission zip, then?
    That would be a start.
    But I see the scope to be broader than being limited to dml's.
    There are lots of old missions out there with broken readables or misplaced/missing files.
    Personally I have created a collection for such issues:
    But the major painpoint distributing it like that is that people need to manually copy them into the extracted FM or add them to the original ZIP (if they wish to do so - and do not want to bother about it again in future either).
    Having FMSel (or NewDarkLoader ?) handle these operations would be such a nice thing for everyone.

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    NewDarkLoader already handles dml files and has for some time. You just have to set it up. But I agree I think it would be neat to be able to have the loaders handle your fixes and others as well.

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    it basically works like this - you fill the folder with fixup dmls (their filenames don't matter, but would recommend using something that makes sense, for example SOD.dml for Shadow of Doubt etc), and the game loads them all up upon mission start. to make it load just the correct one, you need to fingerprint all the dmls, making the game reject all but the one that is meant for the level you are currently playing.

    as long as you do this properly, the player doesn't have to do anything, just load the FM (but NOT with oldDarkloader) and everything will work. this is for dmls only though, no str files or anything.

    //linking the SOD test - extract to your TG folder, add FMdml to your modpath (cam_mod.ini), load Shadow of Doubt with FMsel and the fixes should auto-activate. currently using the first non-zero goal_target for fingerprinting. any dml in the \FMdml\dbmods\miss_all\ path will get auto loaded, unless rejected by fingerprint.
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