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Thread: Hi! (Excessive euphoria and awkwardness warning)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starker View Post
    Now contrast this to Thief reboot's cockrings and F-bombs and tell me which one you prefer.
    Thi4f tried too hard on the wrong aspects. The game is like a hot lady who considers "A cow does moo" to be a sophisticated conversation.
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    Please check out the fan mission the Rose Cottage by Saturnine. The gameplay is a bit unusual for Thief, resembling something more like Myst or the Journeymen Project, but the atmosphere and attention to detail are superb!

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    Oh thats my third mission on the list! i just finished ominous bequest today (with a little help from a walkthrough towards the end *cough*) and now im playing broken triad. rose cottage is next

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    And if you can, play Hidden Agenda. That mission is an underrated gem.

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    And also remember that you have to play in expert mode if you want to explore the whole map.

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    Oh is the map size limited by the difficulty level?

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    Usually, no. But some missions change drastically depending on the diffculty level. Good examples are Inverted Manse and A Weekend Getaway

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