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Thread: In praise of Terri Brosius

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    In praise of Terri Brosius

    "And the Builder said,
    'If the foundation is weak,
    Do you wail and gnash your teeth?
    Do you ask it to repour itself?
    Nay you tear it down a begin anew.
    So shall it be with all my children,
    Whether they be stone or flesh.'"

    When I started the Level Designers By Name thread, now abstracted at zdim's site, my intention was to follow up with individual threads for each designer, in which participants who cared to do so could post exclusively positive feedback and commentary about the achievement of these imaginative artists. My goal was to establish a single location to which these designers could turn for a collective word of encouragement.

    For this thread, I invite you to contribute your supportive remarks about the work of level designer Terri Brosius, the chief builder of Song of the Caverns and Trail of Blood(and contributing builder of Running Interference).


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    What can I say? Songs of the Caverns is one of my all-time favorite missions. Thanks for giving us all Raoul(sp?)! He's as funny as Benny!

    And Trail of Blood is one of the creepiest things I've seen in a mission. Great job!


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    Song of the Caverns was so awesome - I love levels that have many sides to them and the texturing and architecture in that opera house was just flat out amazing!

    Trail of Blood was just such a innovative level that I truely felt like I was wandering through the woods and sat by the lil creek for a while with Dewdrop. The storyline was great and the level design was tremendous.

    Thanks Terri for your gifts to us.

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    Caverns? Easily the most beautiful mission in TG - the marble columns on the third floor, the prop rooms, the boxes, the awesme and huge marble mezzanine, the foyer fountain, etc. etc. Incredible fun with secret rooms and passages, and Lord Bafford to boot. This is by far the most enjoyable mission to play 'Lytha style' and it reminds me of Phantom of the Opera, and Terry Pratchett's 'Masquerade' all at once.

    Blood - I didn't like this level at first, but after the pagan ghosts and the portal, the revamped Maw and the Tree Beasts, this is one of the biggest pieces of eye candy in the whole series.

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    The Alchemist

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    Tzar Sectus

    Song of the Caverns: Without doubt the best level among the TG levels. Although I have to admit, the first time I played it I was actually extremely disappointed. The start really made me believe this would be another Bonehoard/Lost City level, although the disappointment ended early as I walked through the corridors of the Opera and laughing of that Raoul guy.

    Trail of Blood: Without doubt one of the most emotional level in the Thief series. While RTC scared the heck out of me, this level made me actually feel sorry for the Pagans (which I've always, until that level, bitterly hated) and learned me to hate the Mechanists even more. And the level design was simply great. And the ending with the those Tree Beasts was great, I jumped from my chair when I noticed one of the trees was actually alive.

    Although, when I think of Terri the first thing which comes to mind is Shodan and Viktoria. They just wouldn't be the same without her voice.


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    Trail of Blood is my second favourite mission in Thief 2. Its atmosphere is just amazing... so magical...

    And of course, if were it without her I would never find out SHODAN in the first SS was meant to be female type About Viktoria I won't say anything; it's all been said.

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    Terri is a magical talent. I think she's awesome.

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    Originally posted by aardvark:
    Terri is a magical talent. I think she's awesome.
    The T3 team should seriously consider subcontracting her from Irrational to do a T3 level.


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    V. Equinox

    She put faery lights in Trail of Blood. That alone deserves applause.

    I lived in the theatre in high school and have a special place in my heart for it. Song of the Caverns helped me relive that highlight of my youth but without the stagefright! Glorious level, that. And I loved the innovations in Trail of Blood, like the treebeasts, faery lights and all-around forestyness. The scenes with the ghosts were expertly done, as well.

    V. Equinox

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    I started off playing Trail of Blood pretty sneakily, but when the little ghost girl gave me Dewdrop I knew that all the mechanists there had to die. Simple as that. Of course, I _still_ played sneakily.

    It's difficult to get a real emotional reaction out of somebody playing a computer game. I suspect I've said it before, but good job, Terri.

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    All hail Queen Victoria!

    Terri is simply one of the most creativly blessed individules I have even had the pleasure to work with.
    Anything she's involved with in the future will be all the better for it.

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    Terri, you're the woman!

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    Trail of Blood.
    Probably the most atmospheric Thief mission of them all.
    I´ll never forget the first time I encountered the Eyes on Stalks (or the Tree Beasts. Aaarrghh!)

    Song of the Caverns.
    Simply brilliant (Raoul alone deserves praise. I still feel bad about mistaking him for a badguy and putting an arrow through his neck the first time I played this mission. In my defense, I have to say I was pretty wound up; there were craymen all over the place...I simply shot anything that moved. It wasn´t personal )

    Aim the Momentum

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    She has one hell of a sexy voice. My blood starts to boil everytime I hear Viktoria speak.

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    Viktoria's voice comes from Terry?!? Hubba hubba!! Seriously, I loved both Caverns and Trail of blood - for different reasons. Cavern's attention to sheer detail and "whoomph" feelings you get when you first step into the auditorium really grab you. And as an outdoorsman, Trail of Blood's outdoor level was a jaw dropper for the size of the trees and the storyyline behind the poor pagans. Brilliant work Terri, and good luck!

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    I would like to thank you for excellent story writing for Thief and of course for you missions.But most of all I think you voice acting has immortalized the games, My vision of both Shodan and Victoria would not have been the same if you hadn't put the to life with your voice. That haunting insane A.I. is sssoo frightening

    I have never ever been so dissapointed not meeting a computer generated person alive as I was when hearing Dr. Delacroix's email messages (which Terri did the voice to) and later finding her dead. A sad sad moment indeed. I felt really touch by her fighting the same fight as onself did in system shock 2, and always being one step in front of me. I thought she would be alive and that some love would appear, but no no. Some fates are not happy. I still mourn her death in some ways. Great job, 100% emotion.

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    Terri is amazing

    I think that Terri honestly seems to have brought so much to the Thief series, beyond just level design, being the writer of all the whimsically wonderful pagan poetry, and co-conspiring with Dan Thron and Randy Smith, and everyone, on lots of the world building and inter-mission story telling, etc.

    Fantastic podcast interviewing Terri and Dan can be found here...

    After listening to this, I started to really realise how much Dan Thron's voice imbues the game, as many of the guards (bringing a lot of the charismatic humour to the game, in my opinion), and also how much Terri's creative talents and imagination shaped the feel of the specifics of the game world and mythology, etc.

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