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Thread: Sneaky Upgrade: Unofficial patch for Thief 3

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    Sneaky Upgrader
    Registered: May 2007
    If you're using dgVoodoo or a similar wrapper, try disabling it.

    Try disabling the 'frozen mouse cursor' fix on the tweaker's troubleshooting page. (If you've increased Windows' font size you'll have to restore it then.)

    Try the previous version - installing the Update edition will do. The new version has some fixes in how the cursor is handled, but apparently making every case work is impossible.

    If you find a solution, please report it here.

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    For me the windowed mode and window dragging is working perfectly (and I'm using dgVoodoo2).

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    I managed to fix it by using the older version and windowed/borderless windowed mode.

    The same changes in the current version of the mod did NOT solve the issue - cursor remained unbound in both windowed and borderless windowed modes.

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    Sneaky Upgrader
    Registered: May 2007
    OK, thanks. I'll see if I can improve it, or at least add another troubleshooting option.

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