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Thread: Crouch function stops working!

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    Crouch function stops working!

    Hi, guys,

    It's been a long time since I posted here, and I need help from my beloved friends again.

    Playing the new Thief (Steam version, apparently updated) game right now and I'm having a hard time trying to make the crouch function to work. After the Erin's death cutscene, I began playing Chapter 1: Lockdown but, instead the prologue, I found myself not able to crouch anymore. I'm still able to jump, but not to crouch. Due to this, I'm making a lot of unwanted noise.

    Somehow, until recently I've managed to change the keybind and crouch was once more available1. However the problem insists on reappearing in a random pattern, but for reasons unknown, now the change keybind solution is not working anymore, turning the game not enjoyable to play.

    Am I missing something? Need help, folks.

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    No-one with any ideas? Sorry Kyle2K, looks like everyone is baffled.

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    Sounds very odd. Have you got a gamepad or another controller plugged in that might be causing some trouble?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyle2k View Post
    ...turning the game not enjoyable to play.
    So, no change then.

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