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Thread: Favourite Platform?

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    Favourite Platform?

    So, what is your favourite platform to buy games, namely Thief 1+2+3 on?

    Is it:


    *name other platforms*

    or do you prefer Hard copies?

    (Also, if any of that appears kind of cheesy and overly happy, it is because I'm on a tramadol therapy right now. One of its side effects is euphoria. So...sorry )
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    Most of us bought Thief before any of those services even existed. Your thread is bad.

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    I bought the original Thief trilogy as a hard copy back around 2011 or so (The Complete Collection from Mastertronic). Though lately, I've been buying my PC games through Steam, including Thief 2014 and Dishonored.

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    Sorry if this is offensive in any way. I only wanted to know what people prefer if they had an account on any platform or if they avoid those and prefer hard copies. I myself have a thief 3 hard copy but prefer the GOG version, since it is a much more comfortable way of storing and installing it.

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    I buy games in the following preference: 1) GOG 2) Steam

    With GOG I like that I can just put a bunch of games on my laptop and play them on the road without worrying about internet connections.

    Steam has really come a long way. I started out hating it, as it was a buggy bloated piece of s..oftware in the beginning, but now that the offline mode works without hitches and the new refund policy is in place, I'm more or less okay with it.

    I used to buy indie games on Desura every now and then, but then they went belly up.

    I've checked out games on, but in most cases it's either nothing I'm interested in or it's available on Steam.

    Uplay is terrible and could die in a fire as far as I care. Even if it does mean I'm missing out on Ubisoft games, I'm not installing it on my computer.

    Origin is not bad, but I have a deep distrust in EA. Also, it's not as good as Steam, my least preferred platform. Still, I made an account there to get the free games they offer from time to time, though I already own most of them elsewhere.
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    Strongly prefer Steam over GOG as Steam is an actual platform with their own APIs and hardware. I love the Steam Controller for Thief and you can pry it from my cold dead hands. GOG is great at what they do (securing old game rights) but they are essentially just a storefront. I can sort of see the appeal of loose downloadable files for old-schoolers, but I won't buy into the DRM-free games thing since well... the OS you install it on is not. And games are already tied down due to OS/hardware compatibility issues, which crop up way before big companies like Valve (never) go dark. Seems like a failing of logic there, people just buying into a "feels good" vibe. Non-software platform agnostic DRM-free files, like music/movies, make much more sense.

    That said, GOG has a LOT of exclusives, and my library with them is already formidable. They are a great backup plan as well.

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    GOG also has its Galaxy platform, though I don't use it. Also, what is the benefit of DRM to the consumer? Is it anything other than a potential inconvenience? I can't see any situation where you shouldn't prefer DRM-free games to games with DRM, all other things being equal.

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    The main benefit of DRM is to the company, obviously. But if it's merely account-based "lite" DRM that doesn't hurt the consumer (instead of draconian DRM like Denuvo we all hate), and it keeps the AAA industry making games, I'm not against it. Everything is going account-based, that's unavoidable in the modern age. That's one reason to prefer account-based DRM, having everything all right there with features and services tied into it. But all things equal, DRM-free or DRM-lite doesn't really matter. The former is just a marketing point. Just bet on companies that dominate the space and you're safe. Be more concerned about your games breaking due to compatibility issues or computers switching to ARM chips.

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    I bought T1&2 on CD, but T3 on Xbox (terrible platform for Thief!) because I didn't have a pc to run it, and then re-bought the first 2 on GOG, 3 on Steam. It seems easier to mod games with GOG versions, so I prefer that platform overall.

    That said, my favorite platform in Thief Gold is the one in Down in the Bonehoard that let me escape the clutches of 5 zombies. I really appreciated that mantling to that platform...

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    All I know is that it's always a hassle to check whether a game on Steam is DRM-free or not (i.e. can be played without the Steam client). With GOG, I don't have to worry about such things.

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    Yeah that's cool if you'd rather use the Windows all programs menu. Basically comes down to either preferring a centralized management platform or loose installations you organize yourself (e.g. iTunes vs File Explorer). Just two different approaches to the same end. Sadly with both Steam and (yes) GOG you'll still be fussing with community fixes. That's just PC gaming life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soccorro View Post
    Sorry if this is offensive in any way.
    It isn't. Don't mind ZB, he just has very high standards.

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    It's not that I prefer to launch my games from Windows, it's that I like to take games on trips to play during train rides or at my summer home or other places where Internet is not always readily available. With GOG I can just download a bunch of installers on a flash drive or an external HD and I'm good to go.

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    Have you tried Steam's backup feature? I've got about 150 games on an external drive that I can restore in seconds, do a quick online check, then switch to offline mode for trips. Gets a lot of usage from me. I kinda wish Galaxy had that integrated instead of relying on the installers. I think it's on their to-do list.

    The only useful thing I like about installers is how convenient they are for legacy PCs and running games in WINE. Steam's a pain for that.

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    No, I have not, but don't they still require the Steam client to launch?

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    First time i bought Thief 1 was a budget version from a local supermarket. Next was Thief Deadly Shadows, also as a budget version from a supermarket. Then, after years, i bought both Thief Gold, and Thief 2 on Steam. Which are also completely DRM free, like the GOG games, so you can just copy those to another place on your harddrive, or to an external harddrive.

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