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Thread: The Rebellion of the Builder 2: Mission 9 "The Forgotten Kingdom"

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    Check around the paintings. You'll notice that there's an unusual section under one of the paintings.

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    Thanks I remember now seeing that but at the time thought it was related to that puzzle

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    There seems to be an issue regarding loot. I am playing v1.01 in 'Deathwish' mode.
    One of the first things I did was to switch on the power generator, but did not like the streets to be lighted, so I switched it off again.
    Roaming through the mission I found 740 loot, before I realized that I need to have the generator enabled indeed.
    So, I switched it on again and all my loot disappeared from my inventory.
    I found another crystal near the doors that needed to be activated and my inventory showed me those 25g loot only.
    At the end I was at 235g and failed the 500g objective, although technically I had all the 925g collected that are available.
    Also: the stats at the end of the mission actually said: 0 of 925.

    Oh well, at least the mission allowed me to finish.

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    That's strange. That shouldn't be happening. Just in case the .mis file got corrupted, replace it with this version.
    The downfall is that you'll have to restart the mission.

    If you still get this problem, it might be a quicksave issue.

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    I tried all kinds of crazy stuff during beta, but this is new. Ditto what GORT says, which is why a hard save is periodically done. Something quirky about quick-saves, in my experience.

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    so many of the puzzles in this campaign have made no sense to me, I'm simply following the walkthrough...
    but now I've hit the statues and need to collect the gauntlet, but where do I find it? I heard a grinding noise, but can't find any newly open doors or panels

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    That sound is a tile opening on the floor.

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