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Thread: Thief 2 FM - Raven Creek 8th Aug 2017

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    Thanks, Christine! I just downloaded this, but when I launch it from FMSel, it launches in Thief Gold. (Which is weird, because it's definitely in my Thief2 FM directory.) I can move around the starting room and open the door, but I can't go *through* the door - it's like there's an invisible wall there. Any ideas what might be going on?

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    Never mind - I uninstalled, forced FMSel to rescan my FMs, and reinstalled, and now it opens in Thief 2.

    And now I need to figure out where to download a more recent version of NewDark...

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    Quote Originally Posted by greenie2600 View Post
    I need to figure out where to download a more recent version of NewDark...
    The most comfortable way of installing NewDark for Thief 2 is TafferPatcher, available here: For Thief 1, use TFix instead, available at

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    Fantastic job with this mission! Really enjoyed playing through it and the doughnuts are great lol!

    I did find a small spelling error in part three where an apple item was spelled "Appel." Not a big deal at all but just thought I'd share.

    Thanks for the great mission!

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    The attention to detail, range of view and the amount of well-matched custom resources is unbelievable here. Best of the best in this matter.
    For now I didn't play much too say something about the gameplay.

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