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Thread: what is something in a fan mission that bothers you

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    Quote Originally Posted by EnYB0La View Post
    I hate when a room has no light switch and it is not possible to switch on/off the light from a lamp. Also, I don't like when there are lighted torches in places like ancient temples, caves, when, they are supposedly abandoned since a looooong time.
    Reminds me these RPG games where old abandonned dungeons got fresh lighted candles and well working traps.
    There is certainly a secret organisation that make sure traps and lights are operational for adventurer... certainly...

    I don't know. I suppose, it depends on the person, but for me fake doors are in general kind of immersion-breaking. I mean, a rather tertiary factor, but still. And you're not going to fool me with the size of the world if I don't believe in its authenticity.
    Because Thief is not an open-world this is the best we can do.
    Moreover if all doors in a city mission were openable... imagine the mess... you'll have a mission so huge that most of players won't enjoy the excessive exploration needed to get all the loot or worst with some pointless areas.

    This is actualy the best deal to tell the player the mission is bigger than it looks like.
    The thing we can do to explain why Garrett won't go there could simply be adding ambiant sounds sticked to the doors informing there are some guys or creatures behind and Garrett won't be fool enough to go there.

    At worst think that Garrett knows it's a pointless room and won't waste his time with it ! Who knows ?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by EnYB0La View Post
    I hate when a room has no light switch and it is not possible to switch on/off the light from a lamp.
    I agree that it's not very realistic, but if it was possible to switch off every light in a mansion, the mission would probably become too easy, unless AI's had the ability to switch them back on (which they do in some FM's).

    One thing that annoys me is if an author changes some established gameplay convention and doesn't let the player know about it. I remember playing an otherwise good FM and wondering why I'm having such a hard time meeting the loot requirement, until I found out by accident that the author had made green wine bottles - and possibly some other junk items - loot without mentioning it anywhere.

    Another thing are over-elaborate, gamey hiding places that are so inconvenient nobody would ever use them for anything they might actually need to access. Like, in order to find Lady Bumbleson's golden tiara, you have to press a switch that you can only reach by mantling on top of a bookcase, which opens a secret door behind the fireplace that leads to a 100-foot passage you can only squeeze into by crouching, at the end of which is a ladder leading to the attic, where you have to shoot a rope arrow into the ceiling to get to the rafters and find a key to a secret safe that is only revealed by shooting an arrow into a switch in the ceiling of the banquet hall. Lady Bumbleson must be quite the athlete!

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    HA HA HA Jah, I agree, especially the elaborate hiding place. One thing you forgot about Bumbleson is that the second switch becomes inactive in 15 seconds after hitting the first switch.

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    All these talks about doors. You know someone will build a mission with doors that have nothing BUT unfrobbable doors just to poke the bear hahahahaha. Be careful what you wish for!

    Edit: ACTUALLY that's not a bad idea for a maze mission. Nothing too serious. Could be fun if done right! AND to add salt. Let's make it to where the unfrobbale doors can only be operated through switches. MAYBE even make the switches hidden. (Couldn't resist)
    Last edited by SilverJackal; 5th Jan 2018 at 19:48. Reason: More ideas came to mind.

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    ^choose your own adventure with doors with warps behind them taking you to different mini missions

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