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Thread: New T2 FM: Home Sweet Home by Lady Rowena (24 Dec 2017)

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    Thank you Yandros and crew for making this mission ready to play.
    It is great.
    Big respect and thoughts goes out to Lady Rowena.

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    It was wonderful to play this mission and see Lady Rowena's signature style and sensitive and beautiful storytelling one last time. Thank you so much for releasing this, Yandros!

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    In terms of overall quality this was a step up from even the Seven Sisters.
    Have to strongly disagree with this comment. You must not have played Seven Sisters in a while. I consider Seven Sisters and Rowena's Curse to be her masterpiece missions and far superior to Home Sweet Home. Graphically, sure Home Sweet Home looks pretty darn good. But game play, objectives, and story? I prefer Seven Sisters and Rowena's Curse over Home Sweet Home any day. That's just my opinion though. Perhaps others here agree.
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    i personaly feel so lucky to have played anything rowena made and feel they are all amazing missions

    maybe one day someone could at least make a part 2 for home sweet home as its kinda layed out in end of mission 1,but not sure what mission 3 was to be,if simaler to 1/2 or if she would have pulled a seven sisters type 3 rd mission

    if there is a after life i am sure she made them for us when we get there

    home sweet home was a classic is my view and that is all that matters

    the room with dewdrop for gloria and those letter made the mission mean alot more to me

    i am happy to know dewdrop was on her mind

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    I've enjoy all of Rowena's campaigns. I thought that Rowena's Curse was the best, with Seven Sisters overstaying its welcome just a little bit. I'm sure Home Sweet Home would have certainly been on par with her others had she been able to finished the whole campaign.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Relayer2112 View Post
    Seven Sisters overstaying its welcome just a little bit.
    Curious what you mean by this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Random_Taffer View Post
    Curious what you mean by this.
    I just thought that the ending of the last mission was drawn out a bit. I was ready for the campaign to be over long before it was. I did still enjoy the campaign a lot, but thought Rowena's Curse was better.

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    I happen to find this FM, Lady Rowena's last FM the other day. I downloaded immediately. When I first started it, it made me sad, knowing this would be her last one. But, I'm so glad the community, and you taffers were able to release this to us. Makes it all the more special. I'm about done, I just wanted to say........thank you Lady R. We all love you, and your legacy will go on for years to come.

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    I tried hard to make my playthrough last longer. I knew what I had to do next but I didn't want to open that store and come close to the end. I just wanted to go on and on and on, for ever walking around the streets under that amazing night sky listening to that sad little music theme and trying to find imaginary hidden secrets and plot pieces... just because I knew that there will be no more...

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