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Thread: Who's still playing this one?

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    Who's still playing this one?

    I was able to introduce this game to my grandkids last year and one of them still keeps playing when they come by, the other two are more into far cry 4 or some such thing. I still enjoy an occasional hour or two with my character and playing through various scenario's It really is a fun waste of time for sure, but was wondering how many others are still playing this one.

    I have a lot of respect for those who can speed run through the games defining exactly what is necessary to finish most quickly but I like to explore every nook and cranny and find all of the hidden gems. Oh well back to the game Shalom Jim

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    I've been thinking of replaying it with Arx Libertatis. When I played it the first time, I had a lot of difficulty with drawing the runes and I suspect that made the game a lot less fun that it could have been.

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    I still play with Arx Libertatis every so often. It is a great game.

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    For a number of years after this first came out I explored, experimented and replayed it exhaustively. At some stage after a PC rebuild I never got around to reinstalling it again and haven't played it since to be honest. I'd love to give this another playthrough at some point but with limited time, a growing backlog and an ever increasing pipeline of new games, it's probably going to be a while before I get another chance.

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    did a pure mage 100% completion playthrough a few months ago. and im now working on a pure melee character... its interesting to see how the game isnt balanced. ;-P

    its really kind of sad that there isnt really anything like arx out there that i could find.

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    My main problem with Arx was that fireball trumped everything. All other offensive/defensive spells weren't even worth bothering with.

    Frickin' Ylsides...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joseph the diviner View Post
    I was able to introduce this game to my grandkids
    Quote Originally Posted by Joseph the diviner View Post

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    A playthrough every few years will probably always be on the schedule. And the temptation to start modding it is not easy to ignore.

    Anyway, I'm here for a headhunt, and to avoid starting an unnecessary thread: does anyone know where I can find DDL, otherwise known as Dr_Dumb_Lunatic? He's disappeared off the grid it seems.

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    I still play with Arx Libertatis every so often.
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    I just got this a couple of days ago in the steam sale, it's a game that was recommended to me years ago but I never got round to it.

    After finding some videos by Lytha on her youtube channel (is Lytha still around? I haven't been on TTLG in what seems like an age) I realised just how much of the game I wasn't getting, things like being able to break stuff with pickaxes etc. etc. etc.

    I got as far as the crypts and when I saw her video decided to reload, there was no way I could survive the encounter and also learnt about dragon eggs and weapons made from were-chickens so of course I had to watch her video on that too.

    This is where I deviated though, I didn't watch her video all the way through so slaughtered all the rats used for levitation- whoops (actually they respawn if you leave the area I discovered later). But I discovered you can just tap jump in rock crevices to increase your height while levitating. Once I got to the Dragon I then realised that you need a specific amount of gold, not just what you came in with as I thought the video was telling me.

    Decided in the best thief traditions to just steal all the eggs.

    So I levitated up behind her and hit her with my sword. She then got riled and flew away, I then landed on top of her podium/pillar and killed the levitation spell off, from there I could happily grab all three eggs and add them to my inventory while she crawled round the floor snarling at me but unable to shoot me with her ice blast.

    Then a quick run accross the floor, fire a dispel field spell at the field that the game had put up, crouch through and (eventually once the ice blast I received as a parting gift wore off) - safe.

    Don't know if this will seriously break the game later or not mind you.

    I also wiped out the whole of Goblin City thanks to thinking that they were the earth tribe the water tribe kept going on about, then I stumbled on the real earth tribe later

    Should say all this was done on the stock, final patched steam version and not on Libertatis (don't know if it fixes stuff like that).

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    nothing you can do will break the game. itll just obfuscate the quests some more, since there will be nobody to tell you about them

    and you should install libertatis makes the thing a whole lot more playable.

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    As an Arx Fatalis player from the times of the original release, I never finished it shame on me, though to my defense the very first game was stopped by a level corruption even a helpful dev couldn't fix, and I was too deep into the game to happily begin it from the start at that time.

    But right now I'm continuing a third try with Arx Libertatis that I begun in the beginning of 2015, and I intend to finish it this time. I am forging the Ultimate Weapon right now.

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    For me great game is I Arx Libertatis.

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