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Thread: Interesting blogs off the beaten path

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    Interesting blogs off the beaten path

    Looking for some good, interesting blogs, that are non-political, just to expand myself. Art, music, games, food whatever.
    As a start here is my favorite, from the excellent artist and author Shaun Tan

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    Robert Yang has a pretty good video game blog that's definitely off the beaten path.

    My favorite game blog is by Emily Short though. She's like the patron saint of game storytelling.

    Lubos Motl has a physics blog, Reference Frame. Top notch physics plus conservative quackery. The guy's kind of an ass, but he's an entertaining one. I guess it might break your no-politics rule, but you don't read it for the political posts. You read it for the physics.

    Brian Leiter has a cool philosophy blog. I guess he can be political at times too, but most stuff is hard philosophy.

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    I guess i dont mind a bit of politics but i was meaning stuff that is about current affairs etc
    also thanks now I will be up all night reading
    wow just made the connection between Emily Short and her articles on RPS, cool.

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    I recommend Darren Naishes zoology blog:
    Lots of interesting obscure biology, palaeo stuff, legit cryptids etc. He's a funny dude too.

    Ed Yong's Nat Geo one is good too:

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    A few gaming ones that I remember made an effort to avoid politics when I last checked:

    Shamus Young has a blog type of thing where people write about games and stuff. Mrbtongue is currently writing a series about the Game of Thrones TV show there, for example.

    Lars Doucet has some pretty interesting stuff about the business side of the game industry:

    Jeff Vogel writes about being an indie developer, mostly:

    Warren Spector writes stuff once in every blue moon:

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    haha "The Asian Dove that ate Europe Alive" best title ever

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    Hmm what exactly do you classify as "off the beaten path?"

    THE PSYCHOLOGY OF VIDEO GAMES - exactly what it says. pretty insightful with a podcast series. One of the few online peoples I decide to Patreonize.

    Chaotic Stupid - game design wisdom, pretty good stuff but not frequently updated

    Pentadact / Tom Francis - blog of ex PC Gamer Writer turned game creator (Gunpoint, Heatsignature)

    MindHacks - psychology blog, latest studies and introspection

    Raptitude - life musics, philosophy, self-improvement... not sure how to describe it, but it can be pretty insightful at times.

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