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Thread: Favorite Official Missions

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    Favorite Official Missions

    I was wondering what are everyone's favorite official missions from the entire series which ones do you love,hate or have a love/hate relationship with.

    I am counting T-DP/TG,T2,T2x(I know its a mod but for it feels like an expansion),TDS,and even Thief 4/Nu Thief

    Thief Gold


    Lord Baffords Manor
    Break from Cragscleft Prison
    Down in the Bone Hoard
    The Haunted Cathedral
    The Lost City
    Song of the Caverns
    Return to the Cathedral


    Strange Bedfellows


    Thieves Guild-I love it for the most part but their points that make me hate it a little bit
    The Mages Towers


    The Sword
    Maw of Chaos

    Thief 2


    Running Interference
    Shipping and Receiving
    Life of the Party-God Tier
    Precious Cargo


    Casing the Joint
    Sabotage at the Soul Forge


    First City Bank and Trust


    Trace the Courier
    Trail of Blood

    Thief 2x


    Unexpected Shelter
    The Trails that Shape Us
    While the City Sleeps
    Shadowing the Enemy
    The Redistribution Game
    A Question of Knowledge
    Down among Dead Men
    Of ill Repute
    The Grand Hotel
    The Cure


    Into the Fray



    Thief Deadly Shadows


    End of a Bloodline
    St Edgars Eve
    House of the Widow Moira
    Of Brethren and Betrayers
    Robbing the Cradle


    Into the Pagan Sanctuary


    The Sunken Citadel
    Killing Time
    Still Life with Blackjack


    Thief 4


    Chapter 3(Best in Game) House of Blossoms
    Chapter 6 Northcrest Manor


    Chapter 7 Hidden City
    Chapter 8 Final Chapter



    Chapter 1 Lockdown
    Chapter 2 Dust District
    Chapter 4 Save Basso
    Chapter 5 Moira's Asylum

    Here are mine what are yours?

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    My Thief Gold top 5-
    1. The Lost City/The Song of Caverns
    2. Down in the Bonehoard
    3. Lord Bafford's Manor/Assassins
    4. The Haunted Cathedral
    5. Return to the Cathedral/The Mage Towers

    My Thief 2 top 5-
    1. Trail of Blood
    2. Life of the Party/Precious Cargo
    3. Running Interference/Shipping and Receiving
    4. Eavesdropping
    5. Blackmail

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    I've been iron manning TG a lot recently, so kind of view this question through the perspective of that. Return to the Cathedral is by far my favourite level to IM. Also Mage Towers, then Cragscleft. Lest favourite to IM is Bonehoard.

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    Bafford´s Manor (classic)
    Down into the Bonehoard (only really fun if you play it the 2nd time)
    Thieves Guild (really fun to ironman)
    The sword (classic in Escheresque level design)
    Song of the caverns (really fun)
    The lost city (really atmospheric to get lost in this ancient place, while weird creatures float and patrol around you)
    Return to the haunted cathedral (ah the creeps)

    Strange bedfellows (really boring but has its moments)

    Escape! (had a really surprising moment there but most of the time it is rather simplistic)
    Undercover (rather short and not too great)

    Currently replaying Thief 2, I´m maybe gonna post a statment about those :P

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    Thief Gold

    I absolutely love

    Song of the Caverns - Raoul steals the show
    Return to the Cathedral - It scares me every time
    The Sword - Crazy as hell

    I really, really like, even if they can tire me out

    The Mages Towers - Damn Fire Tower if I'm Ghosting
    Down in the Bonehoard
    Break from Cragscleft Prison - Industrial religious music

    Thief: The Metal Age

    I'm crazy in love with

    Life of the Party - It doesn't get any better than this
    Blackmail - Really love the "after the party's over" feeling
    Framed - It's on my top 3 most atmospheric missions

    Line between love and hate is blurred in these. I only know my feeling towards them is intense

    First City Bank and Trust
    Eavesdropping - Karras and Truart = Priceless
    Shipping and Receiving - So many things to overhear
    Casing the Joint - Very elegant
    Precious Cargo


    Got me from the first moment

    Unexpected Shelter - It isn't so special, but I love the ambience
    The Trials That Shape Us - I've roamed every corner of the museum so many times...
    Shadowing the Enemy - It's not that great, but the train is cute
    Into The Fray - A shot of pure adrenaline. Loved to kill everyone in my path while they were trying to kill each other
    ...Of Ill Repute - So much naughty fun, and it's nice to see Truart alive, even if his voice sounds weird


    While the City Sleeps
    A Question Of Knowledge - Missed our fellows the Hammerites
    Down Among Dead Men - Scared the hell out of me
    The Grand Hotel - So many nice/hideous memories

    Loved, then hated
    Betrayal - A mind-blowing start followed by a meh development and an anticlimactic end

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    Thief 1: Assassins, The Sword, Haunted Cathedral, Mage Towers

    T2: LoTP, Ambush

    T2x: The Cure, Down among dead men

    T3: The Cradle, Brethren and Betrayers/Keeper Library, Sunken Citadel


    T1: Thieves Guild

    T2: 1st City Bank and Trust

    T2x: The Trials That Shape Us.

    T3: The clocktower mission

    I haven't played NuThief yet

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    Down in the Bonehoard and Break from Cragsleft Prison are probably my most favorite missions from all of the Thief games. Thief 2 has some great ones too though, like, Framed. Also liked the Cradle, or the mission where you break into the Hammerite's church in Thief 3. Lots of good stuff in each of the games, really.

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    Nah. I can't choose any favorite, I love them all. And I'm definitely don't hate any original mission.

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    My favorites

    Return to the Cathedral
    The Sword
    Thieves Guild
    The Mage Towers

    Sabotage at Soulforge
    Life of the Party
    Shipping and Receiving
    Precious Cargo

    The Grand Hotel
    Down Among Dead Men
    Of Ill Repute
    While the City Sleeps
    The Question of Knowledge

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    Can't say that I love any mission from TDP, but I kinda like all of them. For me TDP wasn't the first Thief game, I actually played it only after Thief II and TDS.

    In Thief II I'm really digging "Life of the party", which for me is the pinnacle of all Thief missions, you can call it a "chedevre" from French language. The least lovable is, I'd say, "Masks". But it doesn't necessarily mean that I don't like it.

    In Thief Deadly Shadows I love everything, every mission, no matter how often I play it or how many years passed. Yes, you can shoot me down for that, I understand. But there is nothing I can do - I just love it with all my heart and soul.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sadovnik View Post
    In Thief Deadly Shadows I love everything, every mission, no matter how often I play it or how many years passed. Yes, you can shoot me down for that, I understand. But there is nothing I can do - I just love it with all my heart and soul.
    AFAIC, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. I think i played TDS through 3 times now. More than most of the other games i played (and also more than the other Thief parts... although i plan to play through Thief Gold next, as i stopped playing that the last time after 10 missions or so).
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    thief 1 is escape

    thief 2 is tracing the Courier/trail of blood = i consider this one mission

    thief 3 all the missions seemed so small so i would have to say just getting access to entire city/hubs is the best part

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