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Thread: Watch_Dogs 2

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    hey San Fierro was my fave city in SA as well!

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    Having completed SA again recently*, I am still amazed at how good the game is at creating a cohesive sense of space, not just in the cities but with all the countryside in between. It really is amazing. I've yet to give GTA V a go, but I'm really interested to see how R* managed that after going back to a city-only space with GTA IV.

    *including spending a good hour driving up and down the Las Venturas strip in a tank running over pedestrians for the Los Santos Slayer achievement, no I don't need no counselling thank you very much.

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    IMO Rockstar did a great job of creating Los Santos and surroundings at an amazing level of detail. It feels large and varied, with lots of nooks and crannies. I've yet to see an open world that just in terms of topography and architecture feels as big and coherent as R*'s creation, and I don't think you'll be disappointing once you give GTA V a go.

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    Good to know. To be fair, they did an amazing job with RDR as well (even though that only had one real city), so it doesn't surprise me in the least.

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