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Thread: Did Thief Series (1-3) Predict Our Polarized Political Climate?

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    The Thief series is a snapshot in four parts of the game industry's slow descent from the heights of energy drink & salted fries fueled greatness into faceless corporate banality.

    On the political front, I guess Karras could pass as a charismatic weirdo a la Trump come to overthrow the old order of dogmatic blowhards. I always saw it as a pretty straightforward nod to the Reformation with a cartoon villain as the leader.

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    Karras was actually rather liberal, given how he pushed equality, inclusion of women in previously male only areas like priesthood and militia, pushed rapid development of previously stagnant science and industry as well as the wide availability of their products and benefits. For all his faults and his eventual Luciferian madness, he always struck me as someone who used tools and infrastructure of dominant religion as tools for his cause rather than being religious fanatic (his final Luciferian denial of creator deity's authority over him just confirms that).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Increasing View Post
    his final Luciferian denial of creator deity's authority over him just confirms that
    Yeah but what if he really heard the Master Builder himself? And that the Builder was frustrated about life and demanded to replace it with machines through Karras' influence, what if it's true? Of course you can claim that a man who hears voices in his head is 99.99% just a freak, but what if he's not? Who knows what dark forces are really manipulating all our life on cosmic level.

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