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Thread: The Great Bargain Deals Thread

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    Fair warning: to the right temperament, Diablo 3, with all of its flaws, is still as addictive as crack.

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    I'd be tempted, but I've got it on PS4 and have played through it twice with my wife, with a third playthrough likely, as some friends of ours recently got a PS4.

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    Squenix sale over at GMG. Use voucher COMMUNITY5 for an extra 5% off, vote at for an additional 5% on top of that, and sign in for even more off.

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    Thought it might be worth mentioning, I just joined the Best Buy Gamers Club. It's a really good deal, 30 bucks for 2 years, and you get 20% off any new game (not just new releases, but any game that isn't used). An extra 10% if you preorder. I signed up when I got my Switch, and they immediately gave me $12 off of Breath of the Wild, already paying for a decent chunk of my entry fee.

    There's some other benefits too, like 10% off of used games, and 20% off of game guides and stuff like that. Overall a great deal, and better than the Amazon Prime discount. It's not only good for consoles, PC stuff is included too.

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