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Thread: Nier: Automata

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    Nier: Automata

    So after Jesh fessed up to owning this after our co-op session on Saturday, and saying it's rather good (and knowing I've liked every Platinum game I've played so far), I bought this on Saturday night.

    And it really is rather good.

    Mostly, it's Platinum combat in their idea of an "Open World" with a robust RPG character / weapon develop system.
    There's a lot of weirdness to it, and I can already tell there's going to be some interesting explorations of existentialism and consciousness.
    Technically, I'm not seeing any of the issues that are making headlines, but then I'm playing at 1440P as opposed to 1080P. Weirdly, the framerate is silky smooth while playing, but the cutscenes noticeably dip.

    Still not sure how I feel about a lead character that's constantly flashing her underwear. Japan still seems quaintly behind the curve when it comes to gender portrayals in videogames.

    The open world is obviously something Platinum haven't quite grasped in its entirety yet, with buildings and openings that beg to be explored, but have invisible walls blocking entry. And there's not much to do in the open world other than fight stuff and pick up glowing orange things. Yet It's very pretty in its portrayal of desolation.

    But one of the best things is how they constantly play with viewpoints and genres. One minute, you'll be playing a classic Platinum spectacle fighter, the next it'll switch to a sidescrolling 2.5D platformer, then a top-down brawler, then an into-the-screen shooter a la Star Fox, then a vertically scrolling SHMUP, then a twin-stick shooter, then a side-scrolling SHMUP, hell, it's a massive grab-bag of classic gameplay, and all of the modes switch seamlessly and feel complete, not just half-assed attempts.

    Unfortunately, this does serve to highlight Platinum's traditional weakness in their most natural spectacle fighter mode.
    The camera's just as bad as it always is in Platinum games if you don't target lock, and even if you do, scenery will quite often obscure what's going on.

    But that doesn't matter. I'm mostly here for those glorious Platinum boss-battles, and they are indeed glorious.
    I'm sure "This Cannot Continue" will become as iconic as "Rules of Nature".
    Sure, the battle itself is actually one of the easiest Platinum boss battles I've played, but the style, music and direction are pure Platinum.

    First impressions and all that, but if you're a Platinum fan, I can pretty safely say you'll enjoy this massively.

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    It's been on my wishlist since it was available to put on your wishlist on Steam. It'll unfortunately due to monetary reasons stay on the wishlist for the forseeable future.

    But I've liked all the Platinum games I've played so far (MadWorld, Bayonetta, Legend of Korra, MGRising and Transformers: Devastation) and I am certainly going to get this game as well, once I can afford it.

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    I've played it for a few hours and I really like it, though I can't really tell why so far. It's a post-genre RPG all right, part shmup, part Smash TV, part jRPG, part brawler, and those genre bending tricks give it a lot of mileage. It can be very pretty, but its graphics work at scale, with great sweeping vistas that resolve into some pretty ugly textures up close, and the colour palette is post apocalyptic bleach. Still, the setup is interesting, and it hints at deeper things going on, which is its own compelling reason to keep going.

    As a port it's a 0-day mess. Fullscreen runs at a quad-buffered (apparently) interlaced mode that's a blurry mess, so you have to force it to run as a borderless window with a third-party app. It also uses all my available GPU bandwidth for something that doesn't look particularly demanding, and while I don't mind that it runs at 55-60 FPS, there's odd momentary microstuttering that isn't that bad but still noticeable. It needs a bunch of patches to get shipshape.

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    I take it you're at 1080P Sulphur?
    From everything I've read that seems to be where most of the problems happen. As noted above, aside from the weirdly low framerate in cutscenes, my experience has been flawless.

    Oh, another interesting foible:
    Unlike a lot of modern games, it doesn't support the DS4 pad out-of-the-box, but you can get around this by getting Steam to recognise the DS4 by going into controller settings. Then it works flawlessly (apart from it having xbox 360 button prompts).

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    Yes, 1080p it is. Since we've got the same GPU, 1440p is worth a shot -- didn't occur to me to try it, to be honest, since I assumed a higher resolution would perform worse.

    As for the cutscene framerate, I think those are prerendered movies encoded at 30 FPS like a few games do (Quantum Break, most recently).

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    I've been looking forward to this game for a while now and will probably pick it up on the PS4 in the next few weeks; although, as usual, it is a bit cheaper on the PC so will see how it goes. Apart from the pretty visuals and varied gameplay, how have you found the soundtrack? I've heard some favourable comments about it.

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    Oh dear, and to think that was the entire reason why I bought N:A in the first place (well, that, and that it's a Platinum collaboration with Taro). I can't believe I forgot to mention that.

    The soundtrack is great. Haven't heard any themes that are as flat out amazing as the original Nier's standouts, but they're still really good, and I'm fairly early on in the game. It continues in the same vein of lacing most of its tracks with female vocals, and they're memorable and rousing in turn when needed.
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    So I just saw this screenshot from N:A (courtsey of Jim Sterling)

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