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Thread: Thief II Trail Of Blood: Ruby Stones All Locations

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    Thief II Trail Of Blood: Ruby Stones All Locations

    Hello. Every time I have played this mission I have ended up frustrated by being unable to find both rubies (which have different locations depending on difficulty level). Google helped me find some of them, but it was often not clear which locations stated relate to which difficulty level, and not all threads state all potential locations.

    So for future reference just wanted to create this simple list of all locations, all in one place.

    1) In the house with the mechanist standing guard inside, in the SE area of village. At bottom of the spiral staircase.
    2) Near to the waterfall. Just N of it, behind a bush.

    1) Same house as above, but this time up a ladder and inside a bath.
    2) In the house NE of the waterfall. Inside the rectangular container.

    1) Same house as in both parts 1) above, but this time under a bush behind it.
    2) A little way upriver of the Easternmost bridge. From bridge swim W a way and the ruby will be on the left, next to a tree.

    EDIT originally asked for help finding the second ruby on Hard, but have found it now.
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    Have edited the OP as I've now found the missing second ruby on Hard skill; and so the list is now complete.

    I know TTLG threads appear in Google results so hopefully this list may prove useful to a future stuck Trail Of Blood player

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    I've noticed a few times one of the rubies disappeared from my inventory and I had to go look for it again.

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