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Thread: "No Man's Sky" is procedural sci-fi exploration, and *purdy*.

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    Is there any way to move vehicles between planets? The feature sounds neat but I don't see what purpose it serves unless you could have a vehicle dropped in from your freighter.

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    In the latest update they added the ability to build exopads anywhere, not just at your base. So yeah you can deploy on any planet, but you still gotta cough up the materials for the exopad.

    Those vehicles were unwhelming tho. Seriously. To accelerate you don't push the right trigger, instead you push forward with the left stick! And as if that crime against videogame-vehicle-controls wasn't enough, you also don't really turn, instead you use the right stick to look in the direction you wanna go and then accelerate to make the car just swivel around in that direction. It's like the Halo warthog, but somehow even less dynamic and fun. Just utterly disappointing. Even half a year after release and with all the hype deflated, NMS still managed to find a way to disappoint this new player.
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    I tried revisiting this recently, and the squeals/squawks coming from some of the indigenous life on the initial planet was so loud and annoying and grating (to me and more importantly, my wife), I just couldn't take it anymore and ragequitted. It's a minor thing, but I can't imagine anyone rigging up that scenario and saying - that sounds good! Maybe I'll reroll a new game later down the road.

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    Yeah, I'm thinking I'll maybe come back to it once it's had enough patches to make it feel fresh again.

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