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Thread: Ponterbee Station V2 - Update!

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    Ponterbee Station V2 - Update!

    Ponterbee Station V2 is now available at

    New Features:

    - Many new textures
    - New skyboxes
    - Some of the new objects are now frobbable/pickable
    - New Sounds
    - New designed areas/new areas (e.g. mall, colony ) to increase playability/challenge
    - more psi-hypos
    - custom objects fixed
    - etc...

    Big thanks to ZylonBane for many new textures, new skyboxes, sounds and cool ideas
    To Ar-Zimrathon for fixing his custom objects and to Dinksmallwood for everything

    Updated Screenshots are here:

    I hope you'll like it

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    There's an update already? *blinks*

    Kick ass! Time to play it again. Off to download it now!

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    brilliant work zylon and christine!!!
    [downloading in progress]

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    Is there any chance of a v1 to v2 patch for us dial-up users? *hopeful*

    (Here's where I point out that I know nothing at all about Dark Engine editing.)

    I see that the bulk of the original is in .mis files... 47.4MB in .mis files, and 34.6MB for the other files in subdirectories.

    If the changes are all in the latter, a zip/7z/rar file with the differences would be fabulous. If there are changes in the former and there's no straightforward way to provide a patch, well, the download won't kill me :)

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    Unfortunately, I'll have to wait 'til Friday to download it (that's when I'll be able to use the college's high speed connection ). Can't wait!
    Oh, and by the way: Christine, YOU'RE AWESOME!!!!!

    Is that considered flirting?
    TNTís Lair
    Citadel Conversion Project

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowcat
    Is there any chance of a v1 to v2 patch for us dial-up users?
    Nope. There have been significant changes to several of the maps, and dozens hundreds of assets added and updated. The full archive is over a thousand files!

    Those of you who thought the Mall in v1 was a bit underdeveloped are in for quite a treat.
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    I've added a news item in

    And excellent work to all of you. I'm downloading it right away

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    And me on dialup...


    Oh wait, the library both has a high speed connection AND cdburners on all their machines. Yay!

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    @ D'Arcy - Thank you

    @ Shadowcat - sorry, but there were too much changes.

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    Downloading stright away. Thank you very much for the update. Excellent stuff

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christine
    Shadowcat - sorry, but there were too much changes.
    That's okay. I'm ever-hopeful about these things, but it sounds like there weren't many files that didn't get touched by this update! (which can only be a good thing for us :)

    I will make one last attempt at getting a smaller file, as I found that 7-Zip took the better part of 10MB off the original version. is adament about using a single archive format (fair enough), and I can't access the Dark Fate archives at present (are they still operational?), but if someone with broadband and 7-Zip could possibly take the unpacked zip archive and recompress it with that tool (preferably on "Ultra" if you have a good CPU; just select and then right-click the files/directory, and choose "add to archive" if you're new to 7-Zip) and upload it to something like rapidshare, it would be greatly appreciated by all us dial-uppers! (*)

    Regardless, I very much look forward to playing the new version one way or another :)

    (*) edit: I forgot to mention... be sure to use the "solid" option as well. It will make a big difference in file size. And all of this provided that Christine doesn't mind the mod being mirrored elsewhere! (Is this okay?)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowcat
    I will make one last attempt at getting a smaller file...
    I've had problems with rapidshare, but here it is on my personal webspace:

    I'll keep that up there for a few days at least.

    Here you go As you said, a 10MB drop in size. Rather an impressive difference.

    Edit again: It's fully uploaded. Hope it's of use to people.
    Last edited by Aekeron; 2nd Feb 2006 at 11:13.

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    I never thought that Ponterbee Station could get any better - I was wrong!
    Amazing new scenery and sound effects guys. I was blown away by them all and the fact that:
    New items such as the sandwich were added.

    Severeal items that couldnt be used before can be used like the band equipment for example and the walkie-talkies

    Great job Christine and Zylone! - 10/10 This campaign beats the original SS2 campaign by miles.

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    Downloading right now (yay for only 10 mins for me ) this is now my 2nd priority right after straylight's patch and i'll be doing that either tommorow or saturday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aekeron
    I've had problems with rapidshare, but here it is on my personal webspace
    Thank you! :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowcat is adament about using a single archive format (fair enough)
    Actually, I have this wrong: I'm told that they'll happily host other archive formats if that's what the author sends them. So if mission authors would like to make things a little easier on dial-up users right from the start, you could actually just send a .7z file to begin with. With SS2, where mod installation is very much a manual affair, I would encourage people to at least consider doing this.

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    I too look forward to trying this out. Never did get the first version so my dial-up download wasn't too

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    Wow. This is awesome, Christine!! I've played through most of the first two levels, and am currently up on Recreation. You rock :)


    1) Nice to know that "The Lost" will one day be released, even if it is on PS9 ;)

    2) I've encountered one buggish piece of behaviour, but maybe it's a SS2 thing in general. One of the cargo bay lifts caused me all manner of injury... I think that first of all it hit me on its way down (damage acceptable), but I managed to get out of its way and then jump onto it to ride it to the ground level. When we reached the ground I suddenly took a heap of damage (left me on 1 or 2 hit points, IIRC). I was careful about where I stood on them after that, and had no further issues.

    3) There's a 'data screen' texture which has two read-outs. One is "Environmental Grav. Control" and next to it is "Environmental Fecal Control" ?!?!?! A TTLG search for the phrase turned up nothing, so surely it's not an original texture from the game (I can't imagine such a thing would have escaped comment).

    4) Ye gads... I couldn't stop playing for hours. I reached the colony before shutting down and going to bed. Christine, this thing is immense... I can't believe how much work you've put into this for us.
    Last edited by Shadowcat; 3rd Feb 2006 at 18:34.

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    'Environmental fecal control' is an original texture, though for obvious reasons it wasn't included in any actual levels...

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    I've just played through the Medical level. I'm enjoying every minute

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    Everyone who's played through PS before, should be aware that several new areas and passageways have been added, and little loot caches and easter eggs have been added to some of the hard-to-reach places. Thorough exploration is strongly advised.

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    Ah, thanks for the tip! I completely forgot to download it while I was at school today *slaps self*, so I'll probably just get it over the weekend. I'll have to remember that.

    Is that considered flirting?
    TNTís Lair
    Citadel Conversion Project

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    ...and... finished!

    A real marathon playing session yesterday (and well into the wee hours of this morning) took me most of the way through, and then I finished it off today.

    That's an astonishingly complete experience you've crafted, Christine. I think I spent close to ten hours in there as well, which seems an almost absurd amount of gameplay for one person to create.

    Many many thumbs up!

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    Thoughts Thusfar

    I've been playing the updated version, off and on, since 'round about 8 this morning and have the following to say:

    The Good:
    All those little details! Ye Gods there's enough little knick knacks and other bits that makes me believe that this station was actually lived in and used as a research laboritory before everything started. Don't get me started on the little audio touches...and Xerxes. We FINALLY get to hear him sing elvis! Also there are all those little added items and changed descriptions when you click on the '?'. Plus the layout...I wish I had a map or at least the general ability to keep a floor's layout in my head but this station actually seems like a realistic floor plan. Reguardless on if everything from one deck lines up with the next the layout for each floor is definatly logical, albeit confusing at times without the aid of a map. Oh and the movie theatre. Best Huge Screen Use EVER!

    The Bad:
    It might have been, at least from my prespective, better if the recycler was introduced later in the game. Granted hybrids are good for nanite farming however add in the recycler almost from the word go and..well let me put it to you this way. Currently I'm looking for the UNN commander to get his reacter access code and I have seventy med hypos(I'd have had more but I got kinda stupid and lazy around
    the four or five MP drones that pop up in ops
    Else I'd probably have closer to 90. Granted I'm playing on normal so that might have somethign to do with the nanite drops from our hybrid friends, personal prefference talking. Yes yes i know that if I had wanted to I could have simply NOT picked the recycler up when it was avalible first time 'round but, well, its a habit of mien to pick up anything I see that's quasi useful.

    The Ugly:
    I love the voice acting, really I do even though its all done by amatures but it has that certaint 'real' quality that you'd get from people recording their logs wherever verses in a soundproofed booth. That being said I have to make mention of the fact that the log concerning the rubber ducks in engineering is glitched. Partway through tlog the voice stops and I get this loud and aggrivating screechy static that I have to cut to a different log to turn off. This COULD be a sign that the zip archive ended up being corrupted(because I had to use gozilla and download over the course of a week) but I felt it best to note here.

    One final thing before I get to the parts I'm stuck on due to noobishness.

    In my honest oppinion Christine you and the folks that worked with you(Yes Zyonbane I'm reffering to you especially here) deserve some sort of frekken award for being able to get a fan campaing out the door with this degree of spit and polish( I mean c'mon it has even MORE ambiance than the actual game...with only its comparative shortness being its ONE detracting factor). Its a way to waste time(especially with SHTUP and Rebirth added in) and I regret only that I haven't money to send your way for your troubles.

    Oh and as for the obligotory 'I'm stuck!' segment:
    I have two of the reacter core codes and I lack only the UNN commander's code. My guess is his is somewhere behind that red door you can't get past in Rec to get by there?

    And FINALLY here is where i list everything I have loaded in just for the sake of showing off what all's there:
    Note: I'm listing the filenames as they appear in strange bedfellows for the sake of everyone having some idea on which version of what's loaded:

    As you can see no rebirth loaded yet(I forgot to download...gonna have to grab later tonight).

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