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Thread: Oblivion Mods

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    Here's one that "levels up" your horse. I guess the more you ride, the faster and stronger it gets!!!

    get it here.

    Maybe Ryushi will add it to the list./

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    Now here's an important mod:

    CATS for Oblivion.
    He who despises himself nevertheless esteems himself as a self-despiser.
    -- Friedrich Nietzsche

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    Are you sure the No Obsolete mod works? I've installed it and I've consitently encountered creatures my level, nothing above or below. Wolves, imps, scamps etc.

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    I haven't tried that one, but surprisingly many of the mods I've installed seem to require starting a new character to work. Fuck that, I'm already on level 20+!

    And it's always the cool mods that require it.

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    That sucks. I thought I read carefully enough on most of mine, but I too, was wondering if they were actually DOING anything. Maybe that 'splains it...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vigo
    Are you sure the No Obsolete mod works? I've installed it and I've consitently encountered creatures my level, nothing above or below. Wolves, imps, scamps etc.
    I installed it around level 30 and encountered way more varied enemies including some which i skipped completely since i often leveled up two times in a row. Before it was just always Marauders in full (with helmets, shields and weapons) deadric, Gloom Wraiths, Dread Zombies, Skeleton Heroes, Necromancers and Nether Liches. After i got the full supply with dungeons containing everything from Rats to Bandits with different Armor (Iron, Dwarfen etc) to Gloom Wraits. Probably you got to reach a certain level to fully experience the changes since you wont always see the extreme ends of the scala (lvl 1 or lvl 60 at lvl 30 for example). Its somewhat dependant on the location too (no Liches in the woods for example).

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    Have we listed this yet? Sounds like the holy grail of mods.

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    Sorry I haven't added to the list recently. My internet has decided to pack up on go on holiday. I think I've tied it down long enough to update the list now.

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    I'm working on my own small mod that adds neutral creatures to specific areas for a small bit of ambience. The first version of this adds smaller (normal sized) rats to basements, dungeons, barracks, etc that scurry upon sight of you. Next up I'll be adding in swarms of bats to appear randomly at dusk from caves and other dark places. After that will be more fish in water and hopefully I can manage to do some birds if we can get a model converter from Bethsoft.

    Anyway, here's the first version with just rats: Ambient Creatures

    (if you want to see them in action, I hear the Guildhall basements in each city have problems with vermin)

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    Do mods work on the Xbox three sixty version if so i think i have to put it on a mod on a unused disk and install it on the harddrive not sure though reply if wrong please

    Also how do you make your own mods. Its probably really complicated isnt it

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    As of yet, only official Oblivion mods can be installed on the 360 version. Fanmade mods are only applicable to the PC version. Mods can be easy or hard depending on what you want to do, but the construction set is easy to use and very versatile. The Construction Set is the seperate utility for making mods on the PC for Oblivion.

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    Speaking of mods

    IS there anything out there that adds addition key mappings to work with the journal/Map/Spells. etc?

    I know there's the F1-F4, but there could be a few more of them...

    Is this even possible with the CS?

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    By the way, I've got a new mod available for whoever's interested: Multiple Creature Summoning. It removed the restriction of only being able to have one summoning spell active at a time, allowing you to have several summoned creatures at once. Just like the good old days in Morrowind!

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    New Oblivion Cats (v.0.2b) here:
    He who despises himself nevertheless esteems himself as a self-despiser.
    -- Friedrich Nietzsche

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    Qarls Oblivion Visual Pack is out.

    1024 Version
    This mod replaces most of Bethesda's 512 x 512 resolution landscape textures and normal maps with 1024 x 1024 textures and normal maps to create an incredibly beautiful and detailed scene. I do have another version of this mod with even higher resolution textures (2048 x 2048) which you may want instead. It makes the textures slightly less blurry, but may effect performance more.

    Author: Qarl (
    File Version: 1.0 File size: 84.99 MB

    2048 Version
    -> 345 MB

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    Any mirrors of Qarl's Visual Pack yet?

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    And has anyone tried it to see how it actually affects performance?

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    I have a Radeon x1600 Pro with 512 megs ram and the 2048 version slows it to a crawl around anything that is graphically intensive ie. Oblivion Gates and certain spells. Outside of that I didn't notice anything too dramatic although I also didn't see any real improvement in quality unless I stared directly at the ground so I opted to uninstall it.

    A nice effort but I feel he should have been focused on wall textures rather than ground textures for obvious reasons. Most players don't run around staring at their feet
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    I notice the ground a lot, so I'm sure I'll like this, probably use the 1024 version since he says himself that it looks almost as good as the 2048 version. Plus, he's planning to do a lot more, just started with ground, makes sense to me.

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    I installed the 1024 version. I have a X800 pro and an AMD64 3400+ with 2GB of RAM and I didntīnotice any slowdown, although I didnīt directly compare with FRAPS. Loading times are slightly longer though.

    But I noticed some flickering textures which I didnīt encounter before I installed the textures. Ground textures do look really nice but as stated in the Readme, thereīs now some discrepancy between almost fotorealistic ground textures and somehow blurry wall and wood textures if you approach objects, which looks kind of weird.

    But combined with future texture remakes this should give some anticipation for a replay with a better rig.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thirith
    Any mirrors of Qarl's Visual Pack yet?

    Torrent file

    Version 1.1 seems to be on its way since there were reports about some problems.

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    Thanks. Hearing about the problems, though, I think I'll wait for the updated version.

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    Illumination Within

    This mod creates lighted windows while the player is outside during the night. This makes for a great atmospheric effect! The churches specifically look wonderful.

    Apparently there are a few known bugs, which are currently being ironed out by the modders. Definetly one to keep an eye on.
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    Almost forgot Unique Bookjackets. Another great looking work in progress


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