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Thread: Cyrodilic Brandy?

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    Cyrodilic Brandy?

    Where can I find this? I've been to almost every inn I can think of and still no luck. Do I have to steal it?

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    I found a bottle for sale at the alchemy shop in the Imperial City market district.

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    Pissed me off it did. I carried around a couple of bottles FOREVER because you never know. Finally just sold them off when I was trying to shed some weight. Grrr. Stole one finally in Castle Anvil.

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    Here is a Hint from a german forum:

    You can find some bottles in the Imperial city. In the market place there should be 4: Two in the "Gilt decanter" (?) ("vergoldete Karaffe" in german). One in the alchemy shop (Zur Hauptzutat). And one in the "mystic store" (Mystischen Warenhaus).
    The last one is in a house at the Talos-Place in the Imperial City.

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    I always find them when I am breaking into noble's homes.

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    For some weird reason I found several on dead Dremora in Oblivion. So thats what they really want to take over Tamriel for!

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