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Thread: Construction Set Game Settings +PWN

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    Construction Set Game Settings +PWN

    So upon hearing there was a limit to how high you could get your armor I decided to boot up TESCS and see what I could screw around with (more) and stumbled upon the Game Settings.

    You can change, seemingly, anything. From the number of times you can get training per level, to the chance of getting a paralyzing attack with a mastery in marksman, to how much the big wedge affects disposition in the persuasion minigame. And those were all from one category.

    Hopefully there will be around here somewhere the ability to change armor max.

    Also *goes to search for fall speed, and make it less*

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    Alternativly, you could just type "god" in the console.

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    Actually, it's "tgm".

    Which is not without its problems...

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