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Thread: New SS2-FM 'UNN Nightwalker' by Christine

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    Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't that particular organ take ages to research no matter what? When I played the OMs I always had to pause it to research new organs, and usually never remembered to resume it unless I found it in-game again and realized it still showed up as unresearched.

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    thanks for the clarifications

    also thanks for the tips on this thread

    Finished today...............YAY me...

    Once again.........KUDOS all concerned with the production...

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    I hope someone, especially Christine (don't worry, I also wrote this in german in your guestbook ), will read this.

    After playing "Ponterbee Station" in Coop-Multiplay with my girlfriend I hoped to continue the story on the "UNN Nightwalker". But it didn't work in multiplayer.

    Christine wrote earlier in this thread that she made the multiplayer-spawnpoints ... so it "should" work.

    Unlike the "Ponterbee Station"-Missions the "UNN Nightwalker"-Mission didn't overwrite the .mis-Files fom the Original-Game ... beside the earth.mis.

    And that seems to be the point. The earth.mis contains the training on earth and the skill-choosing. This mission (where you also can't save in multiplayer) anyone in multilplayer plays alone on his PC ... after this you play together!

    In "UNN Nightwalker" (and the following FMs?) earth.mis contains the first part of the mission ... but the problem is, that SS2 deal with ist like it is the training!

    So maybe this can be fixed by putting the FMs after the normal earth.mis ...

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    If you would read through the threads about Ponterbee Station, you would know that a lot of players had problems in multiplayer with it. It's very strange, it seams that some bugs only apear in multiplayer. Like I wrote before: I'm not a multiplayer. I can't fix bugs, that I don't have and the offizielle Tutorial isn't any help for the multiplayer part.
    I'm sorry.

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    Thanks for your reply.

    I think this multiplayerproblem can "easily" be fixed.

    Just use the same "system" of map-using like in "Ponterbee Station" (there you leave the earth.mis alone and replace original maps with yours).

    I don't know how much work it might be, but could you try to change the file structure this way in your FM "UNN Nightwalker"?
    Use the original earth.mis and let your mission begin after that training (ok, the training didn't fit into the story ... but maybe the multiplayer works this way).


    PS: Would it be easier for you if I describe this in german?

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