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Thread: Upcoming & Abandoned FMs List

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    Quote Originally Posted by nickie View Post
    Sorry for delay in updating. Will get to them as soon as we can or when I figure out what I have to do, whichever comes sooner.
    Updates done.

    Updated info for the following authors:


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    GORT's RotB2 is still noted as unreleased.

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    Oh shoot, I changed the name of mine too, sorry I forgot to mention. It is now called Precarious Business. Update whenever you see fit Tannar, I'm in no rush! Thank you.

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    I've updated GORT and ObservingEye entries.

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    Return to the Lost City (T2) from Intruder is Released.

    You Can Add also from my Stuff:

    Paradox Equation (T2)
    Details: Not Yet
    Current status: 5%
    Estimated release date: Unknown

    Heart of the Gems: Night of the Red Moon (Gold)
    Details: A Rework of Heart of the Gems, that will be also playable on older PCs
    Current status: 35%
    Estimated release date: March 2018

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