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Thread: Mapping out The City.

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    Good catch, I just reuploaded it and it should be fixed now. Must have gotten borked in the original upload.

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    Looking back over our notes, another layer could be used to show how the various waterways connect. We'd just have to figure out, y'know, how they actually do.

    Also: 100 pages! Woo!
    Classic Thief map and legend.

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    Just for comparison, here's the map I use for my fan missions (obviously non-canon, there are some major differences).

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    Wow, that's so much better than the current map with an arbitrary circle to represent the city. It only needs the original maps to be placed there, and some colouring, and it'll be good to go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doc_Brown View Post

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    Had to pop by since I hadn't logged in for years, and this was the thread that I remembered first from back then. Just amazed to see these newest turns here, even so "recent"!

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    Hi hi! I'm new to this thread. Was reading it for some years but still haven't gotten the chance to go through the entire thing. So i dunno if this has been brought up before.

    I was recently looking at an ancient map of Florence and was struck by how similar it looks.

    On another note, a majority of the images early on in this thread have vanished. I was wondering if anyone here still had them saved, and would be willing to share them?

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    this is "herewego32" which was the last and presumably final iteration of the mission placement map.

    and this is the most in depth street map we have. though im not exactly sure where it comes from. it should be based on the thief 3 maps.

    these links should never expire. (i highly recommend all of you switch to imgur and deviantarts for image uploads)

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    The City is originally based on the layout of medieval Gorinchem, Netherlands scaled way up. But I imagine a lot of medieval cities looked similar.

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    where are the pics of the keeper maps from thief 1 after you leave cathedral and head to keeper compund there are tables with maps of city,but thief 3 had changes in it i think so i think by time line thief 3 city is more correct,just would be cool so see a side by side of t1 keeper city map vs t3 city map

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    All the maps I made (starting at pg 33 ~12yr ago) are here:

    The herewego map still has locations misplaced, and the street map must have been from before T3.

    The keeper map is smaller and really only has assassins, undercover and song of the caverns in it area.

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    from thief gold map ^

    thief 3 map ^

    a mix of both maps ^ but of course the locations have changed over the years but the river is a give away,in thief 1/gold map the map was more zoomed in and set more to the left side river,the river split is shown there just more zoomed out,once you realize there are 2 rivers then map makes a lot more sence

    basically its possible to use thief 1/gold/2 maps and combine wih thief 3 map just the sizing from earlier maps would have to be zoomed out to fit thief 3 map,locations have changed also
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