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Thread: Thief 2 freezes, nothing helps.

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    Thief 2 freezes, nothing helps.

    This is starting to annoy me greatly. I've fiddled with settings, re-installed thrice, yet nothing works! The problem is that as soon as a start a game in thief, i'll get maybe a minute into the game, and then the whole computer will freeze up completely and i'll have to re-start!

    My computer follows these spec's:
    -Intel 2.4ghz W/hyperthreading (so 4.17ghzish)
    -Celestica gold edition Radeon 9200 pro 256mb agp8x video card
    -Maxtor 256mb HD split into 3 partitions (thief2 being installed on the "gaming" partition)
    -2GB pc3200 RAM
    -Generic DVD/ROM drive
    -Onboard Audio W/EAX capability
    -Windows XP/SP2 installed.

    Can anyone help me? I'd really love to start playing FM's again...

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    thiefinthedark - I had the same problem with my new AMD X2/4600 and David (moderator) very kindly pointed out to me one of the threads at the very top of this forum (in bright red text). If you scroll right down about nearly to the end you will see a section with fixes.

    This fix worked perfectly for me (thanks David for pointing it out).

    I have a bookmark set and usually only browse the FM Missions forum and completely missed this section.

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    Well i feel fairly sheepish . Thanks for your help though!

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    I'm sure you know by now, it's the dual processors problem.

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    I just recently purchased an HP Q6600 with the Intel Core 2 Quad processor. I tried the fix stated in the FAQ but got this error:

    I am able to run Thief 2 / Dromed 2 by manually setting the affinity, but this only works once. If I exit Dromed and start again, and try to set the affinity, I get an "Access Denied" error.

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    I hate to ask this, but do you have administrator access?
    I'm sure you do but just had to ask
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    Yes I do have administrator access. It's the only user on my pc, however when I run the processes.bat with Run as Administrator, it gives me the "unable to map and load" error on every line.

    I am also unable to save files on C: with a "don't have permission" error. According to Microsoft, that error is caused by having the hard drive formatted with Windows XP's NTFS, but it's a new pc with Vista.

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    I am having the same issue with my thief 2

    I am not too sure what to do at this point i read the threads posted in here. I am kind of new to the whole posting threads and how to follow them but oh well! Anyway i start to play thief 2 and after it starts it just freezes and the same with my thief 1.... so what would anyone suggest i can do to help. I am running vista Ultimate.. thanks to anyone who can help me out!!

    I am also not sure i downloaded the Everst program and got a spec sheet for my spu but i am not sure how to up;oad the repot here....
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    alexhoplock: Perhaps the root of your problem is in the multi-core nature of your PC's CPU. Please try this pretty small and very simple utility in order to fix this issue.

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    The utility

    I did try that utility and same thing happens, I start the game go so far and then just halts. i have to ctrl alt delete and task manager and it says the game is "not responding" so i am yet again puzzled

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    Just to conclusively check it is not the multi-core issue, do the following:

    - Start Thief 2.
    - At the game's menu screen, hit Alt-Tab to go back to Windows.
    - Hit Ctrl+Alt+Del to bring up the Task Manager.
    - On the "Processes" tab, right-click on the file "thief2.exe", and choose "Set Afinity" from the drop-down list.
    - Make sure only 1 CPU is ticked, and click on OK.
    - Exit Task Manager, and click on Thief in the Task Bar to go back to the game.
    - Start a mission, and see how long you can play it for.

    This is the foolproof way of setting which CPU core to use on your programs, but you would need to do it every time you run Thief 2, which is hardly ideal - hence why programs like FlipTIB have been created.

    Do the following steps and let us know if it works. If this doesn't work, then it is most likely the DirectX problem which needs DDFix to sort out.

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    alexhoplock: Well, if nothing helps, I'd recommend to you to reinstall both games into the "C:\Games" folder, for example, or anywhere you wish, but not the "C:\Program Files" folder by default.

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