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Thread: Soundtrack

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    Is the music on the BioShock homepage any indication of what the soundtrack will be like? It's.. awesome. A w e s o m e. Not just your ordinary horror orchestra, it goes beyond that. Wow.

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    Indeed, it is quite moody. I hope that it retains the style of the two system shock games however. Now, I'm not suggesting that this game set in the 50's should be using a techno soundtrack, but maybe something similar using the instruments of the time period. The Medical and Shuttle bay sector music would sound pretty nifty on violins and pianos and such IMO.

    Perhaps Bioshock will rely on a more ambient approach, similar to how Doom 3 implemented it. There's plenty of existing music from that era to use in the various locales, as we have seen in one of the gameplay videos.

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    Music is kinda of a hit and miss for me. Doom 3 was nice in its ambient sounds, but I always missed the occasional background music that would start up in SS2. It does detract a bit from the factor, but then again, maybe some sort of compromise could be made, such as an in-game radio. I know if I was trapped somewhere creepy, I'd want some music to drown it out (despite the creepyness of the music).

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    I hope they use music of the same time period. Maybe not real songs, but songs that sound like they were made in the 30's,40's,and 50's. Or something with the cool filter that sounds like an old record.

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