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Thread: Mods are a pain in the...

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    Mods are a pain in the...

    EYES! That's all I wanted... something other than the basic green/blue/brown. So I went and deleted Ren's Beauty Pack, cause it's a pain that lags my computer and has a million hairstyles that all seem to be the same. I decided the only thing I changed anyway were the eyes, so I went and downloaded "Elegant(or was it Elaborate..) Eyes", that didn't turn out so good. I loaded the game with the data file selected, each character still only had brown/blue/green(only they had 2 pupils per eye pointing in 4 different directions. So I said screw it, unchecked it and got "Capucine's Character Expansion", which seemed even better, installed it, checked the data box(w/o elegant eyes). Nada, blue/green/brown. WITH the exception of the added custom race(Dremora) which had all the eyes and looked great. I searched the internet and read somewhere that having two eye mods could cause this problem, so I deleted the elegant eye components, reloaded the game with capucine's and....brown/green/blue(with the the exception of dremora). So I finally downloaded and tried out Vanilla's eye mod, tried it with Capucine's, w/o Capucine's, and deleted Capucine's.....all three times blue/green/brown. I even tried the oblivion mod manager and using the archiveinvalidation

    This is driving me INSANE, anybody had this problem and figured out how to fix it? Other mods seem to work fine(except skyrim khajiit which wont let me out of the cell). Any help is appreciated. I know it's a lot to read.

    Edit: looking at this an hour later, this seems more like a incoherent rant then a question. However, this is a problem I would like to fix. I know it's just eyes, but minor details make all the difference, imo. It's strange cause it feels like the mod isn't even registering. Maybe I'll check for a patch..
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