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Thread: Some new textures

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    Some new textures

    Last saturday I visited an antique auction in Hämeenlinna. They sold nearly 500 items and the shop they have has even more antique items on sale. It would have been a fantastic event for anyone interested in antique or old furniture/statues/oil lamps/etc. One of the owners of the store gave me a permission to take pictures of the items and publish them in the internet and use them as I please. So I went crazy with my camera and I now have a total of 94 pictures of ornaments, furniture and other stuff.

    I'll slowly make textures or objects from those photos that are usable as such.

    Here is the first four:





    For the record, I haven't done much to the pictures to make them work in T2. Both of the ornaments are size 256x256 and the windows are size 128x256. I haven't run them through bright or tested them in dromed. Hopefully they are useful to some of you.

    For those of you that are interested:
    Homesite of the store:
    Site of the auction:

    Now you should know that by the Finnish laws the pictures on those sites are copyrighted to the photographer, so you might not have the right to use them without the permission of the one that took the photos. The finnish law about photos and copying them is very vague, or atleast I'm having difficulties understanding where the border is. Those of you that are lucky to be around Finland and Hämeenlinna, you should go and check the store out:
    Finland>Hämeenlinna> (Aulanko)>Aulangontie 93
    The place is just next to hotel Rantasipi.

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    Those look pretty nice. It's always good to see new textures.

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    4 new ornaments and 2 trims

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    Wow - those look nice

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